Naked – End Game 2015 album review. 3 star rating.



“End Game”

2015 release from Escape Music.

Naked – Leaving You Tonight video, audio only.

Peter Sundvall – Vocals. Tony Borg – Lead Guitar, keyboard arrangements. Mats Stattin – Rhythm guitar. Paul Logue – Bass. Mikael Wikman – Drums. Pete Newdeck – Backing vocals and piano on End Of EternityJennie Jahns – Guest vocals on End Of EternityShuji Matsumoto – Fretless bass on End Of Eternity.

Artist location: Sweden.

3 out of 5 star rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Silverthorn.
  2. Aim For The Heart.
  3. Blood Of My Blood.
  4. Leaving You Tonight.
  5. Born To Live For Love.
  6. Victoria Avenue.
  7. End Of Eternity.
  8. Setting Sails.
  9. Still In Love.
  10. The Great War.
  11. Love Ain’t No Game.
  12. Destination Unknown.
  13. End Of Eternity (piano mix, Japanese Import).


2015 brought us the debut release from Swedish band Naked. While the band itself is new, some of the names associated are not new to many of us. Tony Borg of melodic rock greats Alien is on board here playing lead guitar. Paul Logue  of Eden’s Curse on bass and Pete Newdeck of Eden’s Curse, Blood Red Saints and Tainted Nation is the mixing engineer of the album but also shows up as a guest on End Of Eternity on piano and backing vocals.

Naked are more akin to some of the older melodic rock bands, think Alien, Diving For Pearls and Signal. Sundvall has a great voice for this style, a softer voice then would really fit into heavier music but works perfectly for this more pop oriented melodic rock.

While not particularly an outstanding album, it is still a good listen and has some really great moments on it and will likely be a welcome addition to your music library.

If you are a fan of bands like Alien and Los Angeles or the softer side of melodic rock, good clean vocals and some catchy melodies then give this one a try.


Standout tracks:


Aim For The Heart: A rocker with a great chorus. .

Leaving You Tonight: A fantastic ballad with a beautiful chorus and some great vocals from Sundvall. Check out the link at the top of the page.

Destination Unknown: Another great rock number with what is, in my opinion, the catchiest chorus on the album. Great melodic rock here.


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