Shakra – High Noon 2016 album review. 4.5 star rating.



“High Noon”


2016 release from AFM Records.


Shakra – Hello music video.


Mark Fox – Vocals. Thomas Blunier – Guitar. Thomas Muster – Guitar. Roger Tanner – Drums. Dominik Pfister– Bass.


Artist Location: Bern, Switzerland.


4.5 out of 5 stars rating.


Reviewed by David.


  1. Hello.
  2. High Noon.
  3. Into Your Heart.
  4. Around The World.
  5. Eye To Eye.
  6. Is It Real.
  7. Life’s What You Need.
  8. The Storm.
  9. Raise Your Hands.
  10. Stand Tall.
  11. Watch Me Burn.
  12. Wild And Hungry.


2016 sees the return of Shakra with their tenth studio album, a return to their classic sound and a refreshing return of singer Mark Fox makes this a memorable record. For the record, I had no problem with John Prakesh on vocals, and granted, the two records he had with the band, 2o11’s “Back On Track” and 2013’s “Powerplay”, did quite well and were great records, I just prefer Fox’s vocals personally as they seem to fit the band’s musical style better.

Shakra has released a steady string of solid releases throughout their 19 year career, but “High Noon” is, in my opinion, their strongest album yet. Coming in at twelve tracks, eleven hard rocking tunes and one fantastic ballad, and not one filler track among them, this is certainly an outstanding album.

Fans of Shakra and their releases with Fox will thoroughly enjoy this offering as it is all classic Shakra. The band is tight and has never sounded better. Mark Fox is fantastic as usual with his vocal deliveries and the songs are excellent slices of melodic rock heaven. Full of the band’s signature upbeat, catchy melodies this album is a sure fire winner.

By this point we all pretty much know Shakra and what to expect from their sound, (if you don’t then check out the link to their new single, Hello, near the top the page) this release is no different then their previous releases soundwise save being a stronger effort as a whole.

Highly recommended. Pick this one up, pop it in the CD player and just let it play.

While there are no real bad tracks on this one, here are a couple of the best tracks in my opinion.


Standout tracks:



High Noon.

Life’s What You Need.

Raise Your Hands.


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