Kissin’ Dynamite – Megalomania 2014 album review. 4.5 star rating.


Kissin’ Dynamite


2014 release from AFM Records.

Kissin’ Dynamite – DNA music video.

Johannes “Hannes” Braun – Vocals. Ande Braun- Guitar. Jim Müller – Guitar. Steffan Haile – Bass. Andi Schnitzer – Drums.

Artist location: Germany.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. DNA.
  2. Maniac Ball.
  3. V.I.P. In Hell.
  4. Fireflies.
  5. Deadly.
  6. God In You.
  7. Running Free.
  8. Legion Of The Legendary.
  9. The Final Dance.
  10. Ticket To Paradise.
  11. Golden Cage (Ltd. Edition bonus track).
  12. In The Eye Of The Shitstorm (Japanese bonus track).


I realize this is a rather old album to be putting a review up of at this time, but being that we did not have this site up and running when this album was released and due to the fact that the band is releasing album number five in 2016, I thought it would be good to go back and revisit this album and put up a review as a reminder of what we are in store for later this year.

The future is bright indeed for German glam metal outfit, Kissin’ Dynamite. At the time of their first release, 2008’s “Steel Of Swabia”, the band members were only 16-17 years old. The result of the 2008 release was an album that showed great maturity for their age and threw them into the melodic rock and glam metal spotlight. Their second album, 2010’s “Addicted To Metal” was an even stronger effort and got the band even more popular within the circles of the genre. With the 2012 “Money, Sex & Power” they cemented their place in the annals of melodic rock stardom.

Now we have album number four, “Megalomania”, a superb follow up to the phenomenal “Money, Sex & Power” album. Every  bit as strong as the 2012 release, this is an extremely solid album full of hard rocking songs, killer hooks, fantastic vocals, blazing guitars and not a filler track to be found. Basically everything we have come to expect from these young men. Also to point out a truly great vocal from Braun on “The Final Dance”.

Full of the band’s trademark sound, this album is a winner that is hitting on all cylinders. These guys know how to write catchy, hard rocking melodies that will have you singing along in no time and have consistantly done so on every release. Just take a listen to songs like “DNA”, “Deadly” and “Running Free”. If the choruses don’t have you thumping along on the steering wheel, singing along or head banging then go listen to the new Coldplay album or some other shit band because you are obviously listening to the wrong genre here and don’t enjoy great rock n’ roll. I, for one, will break out this band’s back catalogue and rock out while I await the next release later this year from this fantastic band.


Standout Tracks:



Maniac Ball.


Running Free.

The Final Dance.



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