Stala & SO – Self Titled 2015 album review. 4 star rating.


Stala & SO

“Self Titled”


2015 release from Escape Music.


Stala & SO – When The Night Falls music video.


Sampsa Astala – Vocals. Nick Gore – Bass, background vocals. Sami J – Lead guitar, background vocals. Pete Vaughn – Rhythm guitar, background vocals. Rudy Fabritius – Drums.


Artist Location: Finland.


4 out of 5 star rating.


Reviewed by David.


  1. I Need More.
  2. When The Night Falls.
  3. Headlong.
  4. Now N’ Everyday.
  5. I Can See It In Your Eyes.
  6. Shine Out.
  7. Living For Today.
  8. The Girl With Guilty Eyes.
  9. You Don’t Mind (Devil In Disguise).
  10. Goodbye.


Former Lordi drummer Kita, now going by his stage name, Stala, along with his band, Stala & SO, are back with their third full release. Following 2011’s “It Is SO” and 2013’s wonderful “Play Another Round”, they bring us their strongest and heaviest release yet with 2015’s self titled offering.

Featuring 10 tracks of hard rocking material while leaning a bit more towards the melodic rock side of things but still maintaining their glam metal sound.

They are a difficult band to pinpoint a likeness to. Certainly a glam metal outfit, but I find it hard to find a band similar in sound to compare them to. Just check out the link to the music video at the top of the page, you will see what I mean. I certainly do not mean it in a bad way as this is one hell of an album.

With this release we see the entrance of new drummer Rudy Fabritius who took over the reigns on drums after Hank, who had been with the band since 2010, left earlier in 2015. Rudy does an excellent job taking over.

A very strong release with some catchy songs and great hooks and Stala’s always fantastic vocals. My only gripe with the album, and the only thing keeping it from a better rating, are two tracks that I truly just cannot get into, Living For Today and The Girl With Guilty Eyes. These two tracks just bring down a very strong album for me personally.

However, don’t let that make you hesitate to get this one, an otherwise very solid release that is a great addition to your music library. I wish they would come and tour in the USA, as I would love the chance to see them perform live.

Recommended for fans of glam metal with a large dose of melodic rock thrown in and just good damn music period.


Standout Tracks:


I Need More:  The album opens strong here with a fun, hard rocking number.

When The Night Falls: The single from the album is another great track and fits nicely in with their sound from the “Play Another Round” album.

Now N’ Everyday: Easily the best track on the album to me. Great hook, fantastic chorus and some fine vocals.

I Can See It In Your Eyes: A very nice mid-tempo ballad with another great chorus.



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