W.A.S.P. – Golgotha 2015 album review. 4.5 star rating.




2015 release from Napalm Records.

W.A.S.P. – Scream lyric video.


Blackie Lawless – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards. Doug Blair – lead guitar, backing vocals. Mike Duda -bass. Mike Dupke – drums.


Artist Location: Los Angeles, California, USA.


4.5 out of 5 stars rating.


Reviewed by David.


  1. Scream.
  2. Last Runaway.
  3. Shotgun.
  4. Miss You.
  5. Fallen Under.
  6. Slaves Of The New World Order.
  7. Eyes Of My Maker.
  8. Hero Of The World.
  9. Golgotha.
  10. Shotgun (Alternative version, Japanese import bonus track).


Six long years after his last album, 2009’s “Babylon”, Blackie Lawless and gang are back with their newest offering, “Golgotha”. The lineup this time around features some familiar names within the W.A.S.P. circle. The blazing guitars of the talented Doug Blair are still here for album number three with Blackie. Mike Duda has been with the band since ’95. Mike Dupke finished his stent with W.A.S.P. on this, his third album with the band, before parting ways. A talented group to be sure and it shows with this album.

Let’s be honest, by this time we all know exactly what we are getting into when we pick up a new W.A.S.P. album. I don’t mean that negatively, just that there are no surprises here, he uses the same formula we all know and either love or hate. It is simply just pure Blackie. That being said this is by far his strongest release in years, if not ever. Blackie’s vocals have held up incredibly well especially considering he is pushing 60 years old, and he is in top form here vocally. Doug Blair’s guitar playing is a thing of beauty here. Scorching guitar solos accompany basically every track on the album and help to deliver us one of the top albums of 2015.

I will keep this one short because, as I stated, we all have the general idea of what we are in for here. There is not a bad track on the album but I will give you a rundown of my personal favorites and the standout tracks to me. Highly recommended for fans of W.A.S.P., especially post 1980’s W.A.S.P. with the more mature, thought provoking Blackie Lawless at the helm.


Standout Tracks:


Scream – A blazing album opener. One of Blackie’s best rockers in recent memory.

Last Runaway – Easily the most commerical sounding track of the album, this one is absolute gold. Catchy, upbeat and a chorus that will have you thumping the steering wheel and singing along.

Miss You – The first ballad of the album comes in at track number four and it is spectacular. This is the kind of song that Blackie voice truly shines on ballads and is heartbreaking with his emotion filled vocals that really draw you in and make you feel the pain of the character in the lyrics. This features not one but two blazing guitar solos, one in the middle and a truly masterful two minute solo that finishes out the song perfectly. This is actually the first track that was written for “The Crimson Idol” sessions but never made it onto the album. Powerful, heartbreaking and an easy rival for best W.A.S.P. ballad ever alongside Heaven’s Hung In Black.

Golgotha – Title track and album closer, another fantastic ballad. With his recent foray into Biblical themes, this song follows suit and is told through the eyes of the thief that hung next to Christ at the crucifixion. A nice mid-tempo ballad with another great guitar solo at the end that closes out the album nicely.



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