White Widdow – Crossfire 2014 album review. 4 star rating.


White Widdow


2014 release Aor Heaven.

White Widdow – Just Another Night music video.

Jules Millis – Vocals. Xavier Millis – Keyboards, backing vocals. Enzo Almanzi – Guitars. Ben Webster – Bass. Noel Tenny – Drums.

Artist location: Australia.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Caught In The Crossfire.
  2. Fly Me Away.
  3. Just Another Night.
  4. Below The Belt.
  5. Dreams Don’t Lie.
  6. Too Many Tears.
  7. Angel.
  8. Born To Be A Rebel.
  9. Carry The Heartache.
  10. Never Again.


After the death of drummer George Kristy and the absence of bassist Trent Wilson, White Widdow brought in new drummer Noel Tenny and new bassist Ben Webster for album number three, and the result is the strongest album the band has released to date.

Comparisons to Harem Scarem are obvious here (check out the link at the top of the page to hear for yourself). Lead man Jules Millis has a hell of a good voice and certainly channels some Harry Hess like vocals at times.

But the band stands on it’s own merits. They are a talented bunch of guys with some great music to offer here. Undeniably catchy melodies pervade this record from start to finish. Take a listen to tracks such as Caught In The Crossfire or my personal favorite, Born To Be A Rebel, which has one hell of a killer chorus, and you will see what I mean. The latter is a dead ringer for a track that could have come off of either of Harem Scarem’s first two classic albums.

Full of some great melodic rock, blazing guitars, fantastic vocals and keyboards that will take you back to the 80’s, this is a very solid effort and hopefully just the start of what is to come from this band in the future.

Fans of Harem Scarem, In Faith or bands such as Diamond Dawn will find much here to enjoy. Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:


Caught In The Crossfire.

Fly Me Away.

Just Another Night.

Born To Be A Rebel.


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