Blue Tears – Self Titled 1990 album review. 4.5 star rating.


Blue Tears

“Self Titled”

1990 release from MCA Records.

Blue Tears – Rockin’ With The Radio music video.

Gregg Fulkerson – Vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, acoustic 12 string guitar, keyboards. Michael Spears – Bass. Bryan Hall – Rhythm guitar. Charlie Lauderdale – Drums.

Artist Location: Tennessee, USA.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Rockin’ With The Radio.
  2. Crush.
  3. Blue Tears.
  4. Take This Heart.
  5. Halfway To Heaven.
  6. Innocent Kiss.
  7. Racing With The Moon.
  8. Kiss Me Goodbye.
  9. True Romance.
  10. Thunder In The Night.



Blue Tears was a criminally underrated band that hit the scene just a couple of years too late. Released in 1990, this debut album is full on 80’s rock in the same vein as bands like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard back in their prime.

Frontman, multi-instrumentalist and almost sole writer for the band, Gregg Fulkerson, had a great, passionate voice, especially on the ballads where his voice matches perfectly with the emotional tones of the songs he wrote. Listen to a track like True Romance and you will hear it for yourself.

This record actually produced a few hits upon it’s release. Rockin’ With The Radio (you can find a link to the band’s sole music video to this song near the top of the page) and Innocent Kiss. Both are fantastic, upbeat rockers.

The band originated back in 1983, originally named Sahara, and had a bit of fame in the late 1980’s in the club circuit and thanks to some local stations picking up some of their demos. By the time this album released this genre of music was on it’s way out and the band never reached the fame they truly deserved and undoubtedly would have gotten if they had released the album a few short years earlier. After the release of this debut the band recorded a few songs for what was to be their sophmore album but the record company decided not to release it thanks to the crapfest of the grunge era that was on it’s way in, and the band members started doing various other things and the band basically disbanded.

Fulkerson and bassist Michael Spears started a new band called Attraction 65 and released a self titled album in 2003. The album was not bad and had some good moments on it but it was nowhere near the strength of what Blue Tears had put out so far. It was a much more modern sounding album.

Fulkerson decided to gather up all the recordings and demos from what Blue Tears had done after the debut album and add in some stuff he had done since then and Sun City Records released two extraordinary albums, “Dancin’ On The Back Streets” and Mad, Bad And Dangerous” in 2005. Out of print, hard to find and very expensive now sadly. If you are able to find them then they are definitely worth it as they are both stellar albums. At this point the best way is probably through a pay and download type site, as it is difficult to find the physical copies now.

In 2006 the sole returning member of Blue TearsFulkerson recorded and released “The Innocent Ones”. While not as modern as his Attraction 65 venture, this new album was still a bit more modern then the debut and subsequent two releases. It had some very good tracks on it and one in particular, “All The Way Home” which is now even more emotional to listen to as, sadly, Gregg passed away far to young at just age 44 in 2009 and this turned out to be his last album, and a fine album it is.

Fulkerson left us with some timeless music that I am happy to have in my collection. Big vocals, emotional power ballads, fantastic melodies and just all around good damn music.

Highly highly recommended for fans of the material bands like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard were putting out in the 80’s, this is a band that you will wish you had discovered earlier.


Standout Tracks:


Rockin’ With The Radio.

Blue Tears.

Take This Heart.

Halfway To Heaven.

Innocent Kiss.

True Romance.

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