Saffire – For The Greater Good 2015 album review. 3.5 star rating.



“For The Greater Good”

2015 release from AOR Heaven.

Saffire – Casters Of The First Stone music video.

Tobias Jansson – Vocals. Victor Olsson – Guitars. Anoton Roos – Drums. Dino Zuzic – Keyboards. Magnus Carlsson – Bass.

Artist location: Gothenburg, Sweden.

3.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. The Great Escape.
  2. Casters Of The First Stone.
  3. For The Greater Good.
  4. Heartless.
  5. Dandelion’s Shame.
  6. Shadowland.
  7. Wake Up The World.
  8. As Promises Burn.
  9. Blame It On The Rain.
  10. Ghost Town.
  11. This Is Not The End.


The sophmore full length release from Swedish band Saffire rocks. Unfortunately though, it does so only through the first half of the record.

The band delivers melodic rock with a strong twist of modern vibes just as they did on their 2013 release “From Ashes To Fire”. This release stands about even with that first album strength wise as both contain some very solid tracks but both tend to filter off towards the middle in my opinion.

“For The Greater Good” starts off in grand style with hard rocking numbers like The Great Escape, Casters Of The First Stone and the title track. It started to lose me a bit around track 7, Wake Up The World where the record changes from strong to just mediocre in my opinionThe following track, As Promises Burn, lost me completely. There was just nothing about this song that I enjoyed. The next three tracks are back to the mediocre sound and just don’t hold the strength presented in the first half.

This is a band that I have really wanted to like with both full length studio albums they have released. The band is good, the guys can play and they can play superbly. Front man Tobias Jansson has a very good, very strong voice that I really like. They have some very good songs on both records that I love. The problem is that they both lose momentum. I know these guys are capable of giving us a full album of prime rock n’ roll, and hopefully on album number three they will do just that.

Nevertheless, this album is most assuredly worth a purchase just for the first half alone, because when they kick into gear, they rock.

Fans of much more modern influenced melodic rock will enjoy this one as will fans of the bands first album. Despite my negative comments, it is a good listen and deserves the chance to win you over. 

Standout Tracks:

The Great Escape.

Casters Of The First Stone.

For The Greater Good.


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