Serpentine – Circle Of Knives 2015 album review. 4 star rating.



“Circle Of Knives”

2015 release from AOR Heaven.

Serpentine – Season Of The Witch music video.

Adam Payne – Vocals. Gareth David Noon – Keyboards. Chris Gould – Guitars. Owen Crawford – Bass. Roy Millward- Drums.

Artist location: UK.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Season Of The Witch.
  2. La Tragedienne.
  3. Forever.
  4. The Hardest Fall.
  5. Bleed.
  6. Where Does Your Heart Beat Now?
  7. Bound By The Strings Of Discord.
  8. Circle Of Knives.
  9. Such A Long Way Down.
  10. Suicide Days.



Serpentine return with their third album, a lineup change and a change in sound that makes for their strongest album to date.

First up is new member Adam Payne who takes the reigns on vocal duties on this album after previous frontman, the well known Tony Mills, departed the band. Payne’s vocals are completely different from Mills’ which alone give this album a much different sound then the band’s previous releases.

Secondly bassist Gareth Vanstone has also departed the band and in his place behind the drumkit is Owen Crawford, who does a great job on the record.

After touring with Ten in the UK in 2012, band mastermind and keyboard player Gareth David Noon, guitar player Chris Gould and the band’s manager contacted Ten frontman, Gary Hughes, about a possible collaboration. Hughes agreed to it and co-wrote some of the songs and produced this record, and it shows. The album is very reminiscent of Ten and frontman Adam Payne sounds a lot like Hughes at times. Season Of The Witch, Bleed and Where Does Your Heart Beat Now? really sound like something you could find on a Ten record. However this album is much better then anything Ten has released in my opinion as I am not particularly a big fan of the band.

This is easily the heaviest album from the band yet. It is still keyboard driven melodic rock like before, but the guitars are more prevalent and it just has an overall heavier vibe to it and, as previously stated, I feel their best album yet. The previous two albums had some excellent material on them but this one stays great throughout the majority of the record. The only faults I see are in the two tracks I personally do not care for, Where Does Your Heart Beat Now? and the album closer, Suicide Days. There is nothing wrong with these tracks, they just didn’t do anything for me.

If you are a fan of the band’s previous two albums, keyboard heavy melodic rock, Ten or Gary Hughes in general then pick this one up. There is a lot to like about this album and not very much at all to find fault with. Excellent production, great vocals and a great sounding band make this a must for melodic rock fans.


Standout tracks:


Season Of The Witch.

La Tragedienne.


The Hardest Fall.


Circle Of Knives.

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