Jeff LaBar – One For The Road 2014 album review. 3.5 star rating.


Jeff LaBar

“One For The Road”

2014 release from Rat Pak Records.

Jeff LaBar – No Strings music video.

Jeff LaBar – Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard cello. Troy Luccketta – Drums. Chris Williams – Drums. R Honeycutt – Drums. Cheney Brannon – Drums.

Artist location: Pennsylvania, USA.

3.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. No Strings.
  2. Asking For A Beating.
  3. Muse.
  4. Hello Or Goodbye.
  5. Ode To Page.
  6. Nightmare On My Street.
  7. One For The Road.


Following the lead of Cinderella front man, Tom Keifer, the band’s guitar player, Jeff LaBar, now brings us his debut solo album, “One For The Road”, just a little over a year after his bandmate’s album released.

Cinderella is one of my top bands of all time so it was only natural for me to pick this disc up as soon as it released. I really wasn’t sure what to expect here as I did not have the opportunity to hear any music from the album prior to the release which may be a good thing because it is not what I would have expected.

This is an interesting, hard to define, collection of songs. If you are expecting any similarities to Cinderella’s music then you can forget that idea. His songs are more modern and darker. The title track, One For The Road, has somewhat of an Alice Cooper feel to it.

LaBar is a hell of a guitar player but unfortunately doesn’t ever really let loose on this album. I was looking forward to hearing him shred on here but he just doesn’t really ever reach that point. Not to say that he doesn’t do a damn good job with his playing on the record because he does.

My only real complaint with the album is the length. Coming in at only seven tracks, two of which are instrumental. Why not add three more and give us a full album? I am not a fan of EPs, especially when they come so close to forming a full album.

Overall the album is alright. Nothing spectacular or earth shattering and not one that you can’t live without but it does have some decent songs on it. Go into it with an open mind and not expecting Cinderella and you may like what you hear.


Standout Tracks:


No Strings.

Asking For A Beating.

One For The Road.


  1. I agree, Jeff is one heck of a guitar player. As a Cinderella fan, I hoping for something a little different. Wasn’t Jeff part of a band with the lead vocalists from Miss Crazy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RS,
      Thank you for writing again, I appreciate the support.
      Yes, Jeff was in a super group called Freakshow. They formed around 2005 and released a self titled album in 2009. The band also had Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot), Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, The Firm) and vocalist Markus Allen Christopher of Miss Crazy.
      Jeff has also been in two bands with fellow Cinderella bandmate, Eric Brittingham. Naked Beggars, which features Eric’s wife Inga on vocals. And their current band, Cheap Thrill.
      Thanks for writing. Keep checking back. New reviews coming today.



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