Red Dawn – Never Say Surrender 1993 album review. 4.5 star rating.


Red Dawn

“Never Say Surrender”

1993 release from Nocturnal Productions, Inc.

Red Dawn – Promises video, audio only.

Larry Baud – Vocals. David Rosenthal – Keyboards, backing vocals. Tristan Avakian – Guitars, backing vocals. Chuck Bürgi – Drums, backing vocals. Greg Smith – Bass, backing vocals.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Flyin’ High.
  2. I’ll Be There.
  3. Liar.
  4. Dangerous Child.
  5. Promises.
  6. I Can’t Get Over You.
  7. Christine.
  8. Take These Chains.
  9. She’s On Fire.
  10. Never Say Surrender.



Red Dawn is a band that should have been huge but sadly never really made it, largely due to the time period that the band came out in. Unfortunately the band only ever delivered this one phenomenol record but what an album it is!

Everything about this record is superb. The band sounds terrific with their keyboard driven rock, these guys could play. The vocals are outstanding. The songs are excellent. It is an almost perfect melodic rock record to be honest and so damn close to being an absolute masterpiece it hurts to think that these guys never received even an ounce of the fame and respect that they deserved.

There were far too many bands like this, especially around the time period since one of the shittiest eras of music the world has known was coming in to the public eye. Yes, I am talking about the damned grunge music.

Bands like these were lost in the shuffle of countless bands trying to find their voice in a quickly fading genre and never reaching the notoriety that they deserved. But what we are left with are albums, some that are instant classics to the genre, that never reached the ears of many fans and are now hidden gems waiting to be discovered by fans of the genre. Masterpieces of hair metal and melodic rock that folks need to hear. Bands that, had they released a few years earlier, would have been huge, sold countless records and had throngs of adoring fans.

Sadly many of these bands fell by the wayside and never got so much as a glimpse of the fame they should have had. If any band fell that into that catagory deserved more, it would be Red Dawn.

While I review most new releases that come out in the melodic rock and AOR genres on this site, I also try and add these older albums in here and there, because my main wish for doing any of this is to shine a light on these bands and these artists that deserve to have their music heard. Whether it be a brand new release or something that came out 25 years ago, this is damn good music and people that don’t know the bands need to discover them and people that know them need to rediscover them.

It is in that thought that I do this review because this is just one hell of an album. It is a near perfect album, as I said earlier. The only thing I dislike about it is one track that I personally just don’t care that much for, ‘I Can’t Get Over You’. It is not a bad song really, I just don’t happen to like it much myself. But everything else is superb. Hard rocking tracks like ‘Flyin’ High’, ‘Liar’ and ‘Dangerous Child’ kick some serious ass while power ballads like ‘Take These Chains’ and the excellent ‘Promises’ slow things down a bit in a great way and deliver some truly fantastic vocals from frontman Larry Baud (Network), who sounds amazing throughout the entire record. What a voice.

A once difficult album to find, it is now readily available, thanks to band mastermind and keyboardist David Rosenthal (Billy Joel), and is available on his website. Click here to visit David Rosenthal’s site and purchase the album.

Comparable in style to bands like Tour De Force this is very highly recommended.

All in all a very strong record and folks who enjoy keyboard heavy melodic rock will most certainly love it. Check this one out, excellent album.


Standout Tracks:


Flyin’ High.

I’ll Be There.


Dangerous Child.


Take These Chains.

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