Thunder – Wonder Days 2015 album review. 3.5 star rating.



“Wonder Days” Deluxe Edition

2015 release from earMUSIC.

Thunder – Wonder Days live video.

Daniel Bowes – Vocals. Luke Morley – Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica. Ben Matthews – Guitar, Keyboards. Chris Childs – Bass. Harry James – Drums.

Artist location: UK.

3.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

Disc One.

  1. Wonder Days.
  2. The Thing I Want.
  3. The Rain.
  4. Black Water.
  5. The Prophet.
  6. Resurrection Day.
  7. Chasing Shadows.
  8. Broken.
  9. When The Music Played.
  10. Serpentine.
  11. I Love The Weekend.

Disc 2: Live At Wacken 2013.

  1. Dirty Love.
  2. River Of Pain.
  3. Higher Ground.
  4. Low Life In High Places.
  5. Backstreet Symphony.
  6. The Devil Made Me Do It.
  7. You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down.
  8. Love Walked In.
  9. I Love You More Than Rock N Roll.


2015 gave us British band Thunder’s tenth studio album, “Wonder Days”. This is thier first studio album since 2008’s “Bang!” and the band has not lost a step. Frontman Danny Bowes sounds terrific, as always, on both discs, especially considering his 55 years of age.

The 11 track disc one is all brand new material and it is Thunder all the way. The band has always been somewhat of a mixed bag musically and this one is no exception. We have classic Thunder sounding songs like the fantastic title track. There are bluesy rockers like the excellent “Serpentine” and the Rockabilly sound on the fun album closer, “I Love The Weekend“. “Broken” is a terrific ballad, not exactly “Love Walked In”, but a great track nonetheless.

While there is no comparison to the band’s classic 1990 debut album, the superb “Backstreet Symphony”, this one is still a strong album from the guys with some great songs. With the exception of two tracks that just didn’t do it for me personally, this is a great record and definitely recommended for fans of the band’s previous albums.

Thunder is a band that has had more than it’s share of live albums and so I did not really see the point in the inclusion of the second disc, “Live At Waken 2013”, especially considering that here in early 2016 they have just released a two disc live album, “All You Can Eat”, featuring all of the songs included here plus more. Though with that being said, it is a good offering of their biggest hits and Thunder always seems to put on a hell of a show and this one is no different, they sound excellent on hits like “Higher Ground” and “I Love You More Than Rock N Roll”.

Chances are if you are reading this then you already know pretty much what you are getting with a Thunder album, so I will end it here and just say, don’t go into it expecting their debut sensation and you will be happy you got this one. A good offering from an underrated band.


Standout tracks:


Wonder Days.

The Thing I Want.

Resurrection Day.



I Love The Weekend.

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