Exciting new albums releasing this year!

A lot of exciting stuff happening in the coming months with some brand new releases from both big name bands and a new collaboration, or maybe recollaboration is the better word, from a group of talented guys.



First up we have the new super group The Defiants featuring the talented lineup of Danger Danger mastermind and bassist Bruno Ravel, guitarist Rob Marcello and the incredible vocals of ex-D2 singer Paul Laine. With the names involved here this promises to be an album you’ll want to check out. Releasing from Frontiers Records on April 15th.


Next up, and releasing just a few days from now on March 11th, is Finnish glam metal band Reckless Love. This is the band’s fourth album and the track I have heard thus far from “InVader” is inline with the sound of their 2013 release, “Spirit”.


Dion Bayman is returning with the follow-up to his 2014 album, the superb “Afterburn”. If his back catalogue is any indication of what is in store here then this promises to be yet another phenomenol release from this Australian rocker. Releasing in April.


Dynazty  releases it’s new album, “Titanic Mass” on April 15th as well. The band always delivers solid albums and this follow up to the superb “Renatus” promises to be a winner with the band following the same formula used on that 2014 album of melodic rock infuzed metal.


German band Jaded Heart will be back with Johan Fahlberg fronted studio album number six. The band took a real turn in their music when Fahlberg came in on vocals and have steadily released very strong albums with the phenomenol vocalist. “Guilty By Design” is set to drop on April 22nd.

Bon Jovi In Concert - Los Angeles, CA

Bon Jovi has studio album number fourteen and the first official release with no ties at all with former guitarist and co-writer Richie Sambora. A release date has not been given yet, though frontman Jon Bon Jovi said in an interview in January that it should be dropping sometime in March of this year. According to Bon Jovi, this album, titled “This House Is Not For Sale”  is going back to the beginning. That remains to be seen and heard.


Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley is releasing a new solo album via Frontiers Records on May 13th. The tracks I have heard sound very strong and I am looking forward to hearing more from “Beyond The Fade”. Production is handled by Alessandro Del Vecchio as well as some writing credits. Other writing credits include the Martin brothers from Vega.


Speaking of Vega, their fourth album, “Who We Are”, is also set for a May 13th release. The band has gotten bigger in the melodic rock circles with each release and this new release will likely cement their place in the annals of the genre.


Joe Lynn Turner has his fourth  Sunstorm album, “Edge Of Tomorrow”, dropping on May 13th as well. His previous three releases under this band name have been instant melodic rock classics. The amazing 2012 “Emotional Fire” is above reproach. Anytime JLT is involved you can guarantee you are in for a treat.


And speaking of Treat, the Swedish legends are back with their seventh album and the follow up to 2010’s “Coup De Grace”. The tracks I have heard from “Ghost Of Graceland” follow the same formula and sound they had in the 2010 album, so if you enjoyed that one be on the lookout for the new album.


Harem Scarem front man Harry Hess and his side project First Signal are set to deliver their sophmore effort,”One Step Over The Line” , on June 3rd. Based on the first album this one will be one to look forward to as Hess is always right on the money vocally.


And lastly the German outfit, Kissin’ Dynamite return with their follow up to the outstanding “Megalomania”. This young band has consistently released very strong albums with superb musicianship and great vocals. Catchy melodies, hard and heavy guitars and great production make them one of the top glam bands around. No release date as of yet has been announced but they are shooting for a Summer release.


There you have it, a few of the bigger names releasing new material in the coming months.

What releases are you excited about or looking forward to? Write and let us know.

Stay tuned, I will have the reviews of all of these albums posted right here ASAP.



  1. They are all exciting, but I am looking forward the most to The Defiants. Bruno and Paul and Rob bacm together again. I am a big fan of Paul’s work with Danger Danger. This should be epic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tony,
      Thank you so much for checking out my little site here and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.
      I am also very much looking forward to The Defiants. I like Laine’s work with D2 but I prefer his solo albums personally. Either way,the man has an incredible voice, the tracks I have heard sound fantastic and this should be a very strong album.



    1. Allen,
      Thank you for checking the site out and commenting, I really appreciate it.
      Coup De Grace was a good album and the tracks I have heard from this new release are right in line with that same sound.
      Stay tuned for the review.



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