Laos – We Want It 1990 album review. 4 star rating.



“WeWant It”

1990 release from TELDEC. 2005 rerelease from MTM Classix.

Laos – I Want It music video.

Gundrun Laos – Lead vocals. Ralf Hansmeyer – Guitar. Wolfgang Schindler – Keyboards. Jörg Michael – Drums. Thomas Röben – Bass. Frank Fricke – Guitar.

Artist location: Germany.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. I Want It.
  2. Why Is A Good Love.
  3. Now That It’s Over.
  4. Straight To The Top.
  5. Jericho.
  6. Heartbreak Road.
  7. We Called It Love.
  8. Long Shot.
  9. Badlands.
  10. Higher Ground.
  11. One More Night.
  12. More Than A Feeling (Boston cover). (Bonus track).
  13. Come Tomorrow. (Bonus track).
  14. Love Sweet Love. (Bonus track).

German based band Laos was yet another band that just never quite got there. They had all the talent they could ask for, a beautiful lead vocalist with a fantastic voice and some great songs. But sadly it wasn’t meant to be.

Disbanding not long after the release of this sole album (though they have a second one that was never released), the band was never heard from again. Gundrun Laos released two singles a few years later, included on the rereleased version of this album. She later went on to release two albums with a band called BAR-FLY.

There is not much information to be found on the band, this review is mainly just to try and put some knowledge of this album out there for folks who may not be familiar with it.

There is really not a bad track here, though some are not as strong as others. Check this one out, highly recommended for fans of female fronted rock bands from the 80’s like Saraya, Femme Fatale, Vixen and Lee Aaron.

Available in the rereleased version from a fantastic site,

Standout Tracks:

I Want It.

Why Is A Good Love.

Straight To The Top.


Long Shot.

Heartbreak Ridge.

One More Night.

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