Queensryche concert review. 1/19/2016 Charlotte, NC.




Reviewed by David.

The line outside of the venue reached down an entire block, everyone happy and content to be standing out in the freezing cold weather that we were subjected to enduring for the sake of this concert. In fact once the doors opened and we started filing into the club the line never seemed to get any shorter and at times even grew in length as more and more people came, proving that Queensryche is still a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

Once we made it inside and thawed out we grabbed our beers and headed towards the stage where the opening act was already on.

Halcyon Way are the night’s opener for the bill. I had heard of the band before but will confess I had never listened to anything by them. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia USA, this five piece power metal outfit have a sound more akin to what is coming out of Europe with some really good vocals and some obvious talent. Included here is a link to their music video for “Web Of Lies”, a good song with a strong, catchy chorus. If you like power metal with some growling thrown in give it a listen. A decent band started out what turned out to be one hell of a good night of music.


Halcyon Way – Web Of Lies music video.

The middle act is a band named Meytal, which happens to be the female drummers name, Meytal Cohen. She has over 100 drum solo videos posted online and is very talented. Her band, consisting of four more people, three males and another female on bass, is a much more modern sounding rock then what I typically listen to and honestly had they not been opening for a show like this then I probably would never have listened to them. Primarily clean vocals with a few screams thrown in here and there for good measure. A good set with a decent cover of Dream Theater’s “Pull Me Under” which they did an excellent job with, perhaps a small exception with the lead singer’s vocals on the higher note in the song which sounded like he was reaching a little too much to hit. Check out the link below for their video for “Everybody Hates You Now”, easily their strongest track.


Meytal – Everybody Hates You Now music video.

Now we have reached the main act. The reason we all showed up, Queensryche. Out of the 40 or so times I have been to this venue I have never seen it as packed as it was this night. Which begs the question, if they are pulling a crowd this big in the freezing cold on a Tuesday night, what are they doing playing night clubs? Regardless of the reason, I am certainly very thankful they are, as it gives a much more personal experience to the concerts.

The crowd has been loud and into the music all night but the thunderous roar of the cheers reach a new height when the lights go down, a video starts to play and Queensryche takes the stage.

This is my first time seeing the band since Todd La Torre came into it and I have been looking forward to seeing how he sounds live. Well, not only am I not disappointed but in fact blown away. His voice is every bit, if not more, powerful live as it is on the records. He has no trouble in the least in hitting the high notes and does it with such an ease it is quite enviable on songs like “Guardian”, “Queen Of The Reich” and my personal favorite, the very tough to sing “Take Hold Of The Flame”. Any of the naysayers talking about La Torre being the best cover band singer and all of the other trash need to see this guy live, he has one hell of a powerful voice that blows anything Tate has done since the “Empire” record out of the water.

The band is tight and sound phenomenal as they blaze their way through the fifteen song setlist. We get a lot of the classics, “Best I Can”, “Empire”, “Anybody Listening”, and some of the newer stuff from the albums with La Torre, like the set opener’s hard hitting, kick ass song “Guardian” from their newest album “Condition Human”.

All in all an extremely strong set though seemingly some glaring omissions in my opinion. There is no “Silent Lucidity”, “Another Rainy Night Without You” or “I Don’t Believe In Love” present here. But even lacking those songs Queensryche delivered a perfect, hard rocking, balls to the wall setlist of songs and blew the roof off of the club, left everyone present hoarse from screaming and assured me that I would be first in line to get tickets next time they come through here. All I can hope is that it is soon and maybe they will give us a live album soon as well.


Queensryche – Guardian music video.


  1. Guardian.
  2. Operation: Mindcrime.
  3. Best I Can.
  4. Damaged.
  5. The Killing Words.
  6. The Mission.
  7. Bulletproof.
  8. Empire.
  9. Anybody Listening?
  10. In This Light.
  11. Queen Of The Reich.
  12. Jet City Woman.
  13. Take Hold Of The Flame.


  1. Screaming In Digital.
  2. Eyes Of A Stranger.





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