Danger Danger concert review. Raleigh, NC 3/26/2016.

Poley 1

Danger Danger


Reviewed by David

Being that Danger Danger is one of my favorite bands and I had never had the opportunity of seeing them live then to say I was excited when I heard they were finally returning to my area after years of absence would be a big understatement.

This small, two stop tour, landed them in a neighboring city close enough for me to make the trip. My concert going buddy and I got our tickets and then loaded up in the car on the day of the concert and headed out for a hell of a fun night.

The night’s bill held four bands, the first of which, Running With Scissors, was a band comprised of members of various tribute bands and this night was the band’s debut show. The second band, Hayvyn, was a local band that had plenty of fans in the audience and the charismatic front man made them fun to watch as he obviously loves what he does which always makes for a better show. They did a pretty good cover of Kiss’ “Heaven’s On Fire” among what I assume was mostly original material.


The third band of the night was a Georgia based band called Kickin’ Valentina. I had heard of this band before and I own their excellent album, “Super Atomic”. I already knew that I liked them because their album simply rocks, but I was not prepared for the show they put on. It was well worth the money and time to see this band alone. The band delivered a kick ass set list of nothing less than some truly great rock n’ roll and a rocking cover of Elvis’ “Burning Love”. A great stage presence, obviously talented musicians and some fantastic vocals from front man Joe Edwards along with some absolutely killer songs really got this night started. While the album is great, this is a band that truly shines on the stage and I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to see them live as I have a much bigger appreciation for them, their talent and their music after seeing them and you can bet I will be front and center next time they swing through the area. By all means, if you get a chance to see them live then do not hesitate and make sure to pick up their awesome album.

After Kickin’ Valentina got the crowd pumped up then the night’s headliner finally hit the stage and Danger Danger came out and blew the roof off of the place.

Poley 2

The seemingly always smiling, energetic front man, Ted Poley, has not lost a single step vocally. He sounded fantastic throughout the whole night and was still able to hit the high notes with no problem. D2 masterminds, Bruno Ravel, was great on bass and backing vocals and Steve West was a monster behind his drum kit, definitely living up to every expectation I had of seeing them live.

The day before the concert I read that guitarist Rob Marcello would be unable to make it to the US from where he lives in Sweden for these two shows and Bruno  had gotten Trixter guitarist Steve Brown to fill in for him.

At first I was very skeptical of this, not because I doubted Brown’s ability as a guitarist, but because I was unsure of someone coming in and learning another band’s back catalogue in such a short amount of time. Turns out that my worries were unwarranted and I was blown away by Brown’s playing and I have much more respect for him after seeing him play another band’s catalogue of music with only a day or two to prepare and doing a hell of a good job.

The set list was superb and complete classics beginning to end with every song being pulled from their first two records and only one coming from the 2009 “Revolve” record. Personally I think they could have played any song from any of the Poley fronted records and I would have been happy as they have not released a bad one yet.

I was very impressed with how personable the band was. During “Comin’ Home” Poley left the stage and roamed the crowd shaking hands and taking selfies while he sang. A rarity for a rockstar to do, but this just shows what a great band this is and that they do this for the love of their fans.

At one point in the night Poley said he thought it was that time of the night to take requests, he then turned to ask Ravel what he wanted to do to which Bruno started singing the first verse of “Yeah, You Want It” which was pretty humorous. At another point in the night Brown started singing the chorus of C. C. Banana’s “Ted Poley”. Both of these instances are proof of the sense of humor these guys had throughout the night despite a couple of hiccups in the day, like their merchandise getting stuck in another city and not arriving for the show due to some airline issues.

The guys put on a high energy, fun filled, hell of a rocking show that I will not forget and it was made even more memorable since it turned out to be what was the last concert my friend and I were to attend together, so this one will stay with me forever.

I am thrilled I finally had the chance to see them live and hope they come around again soon. A hell of a great band, a hell of a great show, a hell of a great night. If you ever get the chance to see them live then do not hesitate. A phenomenal band of extremely talented artists that puts on an outstanding stage show not to be missed.

Keep an eye out for two albums that promise to be outstanding coming very soon this year. Ted Poley’s new solo album ‘Beyond The Fade’ and the new group The Defiants featuring Bruno Ravel, Rob Marcello and Paul Laine. Both of these releases are bound to be top albums of the year and a must for D2 fans.

I apologize, I don’t remember the order of the songs but below are the songs performed.

Monkey Business.

Crazy Nites.

Don’t Blame It On Love.

I Still Think About You.

Hearts On The Highway.

Naughty  Naughty.

Turn It On.

Bang Bang.

Rock America.

Beat The Bullet.

Feels Like Love.

Comin’ Home.


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