Bon Jovi – New Jersey 1988 album review. 5 star rating.


Bon Jovi

‘New Jersey’

Bon Jovi – You Were Born To Be My Baby music video.

1988 release from Mercury Records.

Jon Bon Jovi – Vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, backing vocals. Richie Sambora – Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, backing vocals. Alec John Such – Bass, backing vocals. Tico “The Hit Man” Torres – Drums, percussions.

Artist location: New Jersey, USA.

5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Lay Your Hands On Me.
  2. Bad Medicine.
  3. Born To Be My Baby.
  4. Living In Sin.
  5. Blood On Blood.
  6. Homebound Train.
  7. Wild Is The Wind.
  8. Ride Cowboy Ride.
  9. Stick To Your Guns.
  10. I’ll Be There For You.
  11. 99 In The Shade.
  12. Love For Sale.


The superb follow-up to the smash hit and critically acclaimed  ‘Slippery When Wet’, the album that shot this New Jersey quintet to overnight stardom with hits such as ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ and ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’. ‘Slippery When Wet’ is the kind of album you hear and never think a band will be able to top. Then comes along thier next album and blows the previous one out of the water. In Bon Jovi’s case that album was ‘New Jersey’.

This third record from the band is a fan favorite. Featuring hits like ‘Bad Medicine’, ‘Blood On Blood’ and ‘I’ll Be There For You’, the record reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 charts and produced a record 5 top ten singles and still holds the record for the most top ten singles from a single hard rock album.

Vocally, singer Jon Bon Jovi, had never sounded better. Songs like ‘Born To Be My Baby’ and one of my personal favorite Bon Jovi ballads, ‘Living In Sin’ find this famous frontman sounding better than ever.

The band sounds phenomenal. Guitarist  Richie Sambora tears up the guitar all through the record and provides perfect harmonies in his backing vocals. Keyboard player David Bryan brings a perfect blend of keys to guitar ratio in a time when many bands were overdoing the keys aspect. Drummer Tico Torres pounds away on the drum kit with spot on precision and bassist Alec John Such grooves his way through the 12 tracks.

Recently rereleased as a super deluxe edition, three disc set featuring 16 more tracks plus a DVD documentary and seven videos, that is well worth the money if you are a Bon Jovi fan, this outstanding album has indeed stood the test of time and still sounds as great as the day it was released.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 33 years then we all know this band already. We all know this band’s massive arena rock anthems and we all know what this band is capable of bringing us. This record is the best of the best in my opinion. It truly does not get any better than this. From beginning to end we are treated to a perfect onslaught of guitars, keys and vocals surrounded by catchy as hell melodies with huge hooks and bigger then life choruses. This is how music is meant to be and shows why this band continue to be one of the top touring acts in the world.


Standout Tracks:

Born To Be My Baby.

Living In Sin.

Blood On Blood.

Wild Is The Wind.

Stick To Your Guns.

I’ll Be There For You.




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