Dynazty – Titanic Mass 2016 album review. 5 star rating.



“Titanic Mass”

Dynazty – The Human Paradox music video.

2016 release from Spinefarm Records.

Nils Molin – Vocals. Love Magnusson – Guitar. George Egg – Drums. Mike Lavér – Guitar. Jonathan Olsson – Bass.

Artist location: Stockholm, Sweden.

5 out of 5 star rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. The Human Paradox.
  2. Untamer Of Your Soul.
  3. Roar Of The Underdog.
  4. Titanic Mass.
  5. Keys To Paradise.
  6. I Want To Live Forever.
  7. The Beast Inside.
  8. Break Into The Wild.
  9. Crack In The Shell.
  10. Free Man’s Anthem.
  11. The Smoking Gun.


Swedish melodic metal band Dynazty bring us album number five and a superb follow up to 2014’s number one metal album of the year and one of my top 5 albums, period, of the year, the incredible “Renatus”.

The new record, “Titanic Mass”, is a powerful, hard rocking album from start to finish with nary a bad track in sight. Following in the same vein of it’s 2014 predecessor with a set of songs full of catchy melodies, incredible musicianship and some truly outstanding vocals, this record is yet another killer release from this awesome band.

This band is made up of a group of extremely talented guys and they sound excellent here, as always. Magnusson  and Lavér are are a blazing duo of two extraordinary musicians that shred the hell out of their guitars and leave you astounded at their talent. The drums of Egg pound along in perfect rythym and are a thundering force behind vocals that are ridiculously fantastic. Frontman Nils Molin has one of the absolute best voices in melodic metal, period. He is on a whole other level of metal singers and sits among the kings of metal with the likes of the great Jorn Lande. Olsson’s bass thumps along with intensity and rounds out the men behind the instruments that are responsible for this bands phenomenal sound.

These guys had an almost impossible feat in front of them when writing for this album, and that was to write something that could match the sheer power of ‘Renatus’, a perfect album, in every sense of the word, that surpassed all of their previous albums, which were damn good as well. Obviously they did not shy away from this challenge as they wrote their hearts out and yet again delivered THE metal album of the year, hands down, and another perfect record. In fact ‘The Human Paradox’  (click on the link at the top of the page to hear it) may just be the best song the band has written to date, and that is quite a feat considering some of the absolutely outstanding songs the band has in their back catalogue.

Tracks like the aforementioned ‘The Human Paradox’ or ‘Roar Of The Underdog’ and the title track are prime examples of metal at it’s kick ass, hard rocking, head banging, complete fucking best. This band is set to take over the melodic metal world as they continually release nothing less than stellar records time and time again and constantly outdo themselves and leave their fans breathlessly awaiting their next release.

As with most melodic rock/metal bands, Dynazty are criminally underrated, especially here in the USA where the genre as a whole is sadly relatively unknown while shitty “artists” pervade our radios. But this does not deter these guys, or the multitude of other superb bands that embrace this phenomenal genre, from continuing to release excellent music time and again. If the world was fair, these guys would be on every radio station, they would be world renowned and they would be selling out arenas the world over.

If you enjoyed the directional change in style the band took with ‘Renatus’ then you will not be disappointed in this new record. The same catchy as hell, sing-a-long melodies that have pervaded every single one of their records mixed with the heavier, more progressive metal sound of ‘Renatus’ make this one album that you do not want to miss out on. Highly recommended for fans of the band and melodic metal in general. Absolutely superb from start to finish.

Standout Tracks:

The Human Paradox.

Untamer Of Your Soul.

Roar Of The Underdog.

Titanic Mass.

Keys To Paradise.

Crack In The Shell.

Free Man’s Anthem.

The Smoking Gun.

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