Hardline – Double Eclipse 1992 album review. 5 star rating.



‘Double Eclipse’

Hardline – Hot Cherie music video.

1992 release from MCA.

Johnny Gioeli – Vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, percussion. Neal Schon – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, catgut guitar, guitar synthesizer, backing vocals. Joey Gioeli – Rhythm guitar, backing vocals. Deen Castronovo – Drums, backing vocals. Todd Jensen – Bass, backing vocals.

Artist location: USA.

5 out of 5 star rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Life’s A Bitch.
  2. Dr. Love.
  3. Love Leads The Way (Japanese bonus track only).
  4. Rythym From A Red Car.
  5. Change Of Heart.
  6. Everything.
  7. Takin’ Me Down.
  8. Hot Cherie.
  9. Bad Taste.
  10. Can’t Find My Way.
  11. I’ll Be There.
  12. 31 – 91.
  13. In The Hands Of Time.


This debut from Hardline is a superb example of how outstanding music was still being released during the rise of the God awful Grunge era. While bands like Nirvana were taking over the music industry for most of the world and shoving aside the hair bands, there were still bands rising up and releasing some of the best damn music out there. Bands like Firehouse, Slaughter and Hardline  came into the music scene at a horrible time for their genre, but have left an unquestionable mark on the music industry, and are still going strong while almost all of the grunge bands have long since gone back to their day jobs where they belong.

Hardline is a band that, originally, had Journey guitarist Neal Schon Journey drummer Deen Castronovo,  ex-Sequel bassist Todd Jensen and brothers Johnny and Joey Gioeli from Brunette. The talent here is undeniable, the band sounds incredible and the songwriting is just as good as you could possibly hope for.

The band has since gone through several lineup changes and are still releasing incredible records, but this one stands as their finest.

As with any album featuring frontman Johnny Gioeli, the real treat with this record is Gioeli’s voice itself. Johnny has a truly phenomenal voice and it shines here. The most amazing thing about his voice is that 25 years later, not only does he still sound outstanding, but I think he sounds even better. Just listen to some of the material on the bands last album, ‘Danger Zone’ or some of Axel Rudi Pell’s  albums, who Johnny has fronted since 1997, like the cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallellujah’, see if that isn’t true. His voice is amazing and while it has always been incredible, it has since matured into one of the absolute best voices in rock.

The songs included on the record are all amazing. There are no filler tracks and every one of them is fantastic. An equally healthy dose of hair metal, melodic rock and just good old rock ‘n’ roll make this album an absolute classic. Songs like the insanely catchy ‘Hot Cherie’, the driving chorus of ‘Dr. Love’ and the emotional delivery of ‘Can’t Find My Way’ will most definitely worm their way into your brain and have you singing along, thumping along on the steering wheel and keeping this disc on repeat for a long time to come. Released in 1992, I still, to this day, keep this disc in constant rotation. That is just how good it is.

From start to finish we are given a solid outing of stellar rock ‘n’ roll. Amazing musicians, outstanding songwriting and some awesome vocals make the record a perfect album. If you have not heard this record yet then you are missing out on a hell of an album. If you have heard it then maybe it is time to revisit it and remind yourself what a superb album it actually is.

Highly recommended. Fans of hair metal, melodic rock and damn good music in general take notice, this is a record for you. Do yourself a favor, pick this album up, listen to it, listen to it again and join the innumerable fans that hold this as one of the strongest releases ever.

Also check out the bands other fantastic albums, ‘II’, ‘Live At The Gods Festival’, ‘Leaving The End Open’ and ‘Danger Zone’.


Standout Tracks:


Life’s A Bitch.

Dr. Love.

Love Leads The Way.

Rhythm From A Red Car.

Takin’ Me Down.

Hot Cherie.

Can’t Find My Way.



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