Inglorious – Self Titled 2016 album review. 4.5 star rating.



‘Self Titled’

Inglorious – Until I Die music video.

2016 release from Frontiers Records.

Nathan James – Vocals. Andreas Eriksson – Lead guitar. Wil Taylor – Rhythm guitar. Colin Parkinson – Bass. Phil Beaver – Drums.

Artist location: UK.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Until I Die.
  2. Breakaway.
  3. High Flying Gyspy.
  4. Holy Water.
  5. Warning.
  6. Bleed For You.
  7. Girl Got A Gun.
  8. You’re Mine.
  9. Inglorious.
  10. Wake.
  11. Unaware.


The debut album from UK based band Inglorious, fronted by ex-Trans-Siberian Orchestra singer Nathan James, is making big waves in the melodic rock music arena, and rightfully so. It is a powerful, 1970’s influenced rock record of the highest order that excels at every level.

The band is tight and the musicians themselves are superb and sound fantastic on every track, proving their considerable talent time and time again throughout the album from the excellent guitar work to the driving beat of the drums to the grooving bass lines, they consistantly get it right every track.

But while the music is superb and the musicians are amazingly talented, the real highlight of the record is the voice of James himself. He has an unbelievably outstanding voice and sounds absolutely amazing. He has really hit his stride here and found his niche in the music world. From lower register vocals to incredible high notes, his voice runs the gamut and is nothing less than perfect through it all. He is easily one of the best things to happen to rock ‘n’ roll in many years.

The songs are excellent. With rockers and ballads alike, the band rocks their way through the eleven tracks and we are given a record that borrows heavily from the classic rock sound of their influences of bands the likes of Rainbow and Deep Purple and simply kicks ass.

Hopefully this is just the first of many outstanding records we will get from these guys. And here’s to hoping they are able to tour the USA and we fans here will get the opportunity to see them live.

Superb melodies, great musicianship and fantastic vocals with the best production as always with Frontiers releases, the band hit it out of the park on their first album.

The only thing negative I have to say about the album is the chorus of ‘Wake’.  The track itself contains some excellent guitar work and some stellar vocals, and the verses are good, but the chorus itself just didn’t do it for me personally. Aside from that one negative for me, it is perfect.

Fans of classic rock bands like the aforementioned Deep Purple and  Rainbow, fans of the newer Last In Line record and fans of great rock ‘n’ roll period, take heed, this album kicks major ass and is a must for any true rock fan. Don’t even hesitate on this one, a sure fire winner.

Standout Tracks:

Until I Die.


High Flying Gypsy.

Holy Water.

You’re Mine.


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