Sunstorm – Edge Of Tomorrow 2016 album review. 5 star rating.



‘Edge Of Tomorrow’

Sunstorm – Edge Of Tomorrow music video.

2016 release from Frontiers Records.

Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals. Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, backing vocals. Simone Mularoni – Guitars. Nik Mazzucconi – Bass. Francesco Jovino – Drums.

Artist location: USA.

5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Don’t Walk Away From A Goodbye.
  2. Edge Of Tomorrow.
  3. Nothing Left To Say.
  4. Heart Of The Storm
  5. The Sound Of Goodbye.
  6. The Darkness Of This Dawn.
  7. You Hold Me Down.
  8. Angel Eyes.
  9. Everything You’ve Got.
  10. Tangled In Blue.
  11. Burning Fire.
  12. Angel Eyes (acoustic version).


The one and only Joe Lynn Turner is back with his Sunstorm project, the follow-up to the utterly amazing, top 5 record of 2012 (for myself), ‘Emotional Fire’.

Originally started as a project to give us some previously unreleased JLT material, it has since blossomed into a full-on project now with four albums under the band name.

It is always such a pleasure to hear this fantastic voice behind the mic, and  Turner is yet another artist who’s voice seems to be unaffected by the effects of time and the ravages of age, somehow sounding just as amazing in 2016 as he did on his superb 1985 ‘Rescue You’ solo album, you would never believe the man behind this incredible voice is 64 years old.

Anyone familiar with melodic rock is most assuredly going to be more than familiar with Turner’s work. From  Rainbow, Malmsteen, Deep Purple, the fantastic Rated X project and the many other well known projects the man has been associated with, it is an almost certainty we have all heard this outstanding artist at some point in his superb career. But I think most of us can agree that he really has hit his stride with Sunstorm. Four albums in and not a single dud in the bunch, hardly even a single filler track in the lot, JLT has yet again delivered to us an album full of melodic rock gems that could easily have been pulled straight out of the 1980’s.

With a bit of a heavier edge then the previous records, the album starts off in full gear with the excellent rocker ‘Don’t Walk Away From A Goodbye’ and doesn’t let up until the ending notes of ‘Burning Fire’ (there is an acoustic version of ‘Angel Eyes’ that ends the album on the import version of the record).

I am not sure how he continues to put out such superb music year after year after year, but he is releasing some of the absolute best music of his career now, and that is a powerful statement when you take a look at his incredible back catalogue. Each song on here has single written all over it. A radio friendly, music lover friendly record that everyone needs in thier music library, period.

If you are fans of the previous Sunstorm albums, Joe Lynn Turner’s solo work or a blast from the past melodic rock album, then look no further. A prime example of exactly how a melodic rock record should sound, big choruses, huge hooks, phenomenal vocals and great production.

Yet another extremely strong release in 2016, a year that is stacking up some stellar releases week after week, and this one is an instant classic in my book. I am already waiting for the next installment in the JLT catalogue. The man can do no wrong it would appear, as he delivers yet another perfect album, with a pretty cool looking album cover to boot.

Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:


Don’t Walk Away From A Goodbye.

Edge Of Tomorrow.

Nothing Left To Say.

Heart Of The Storm.

The Sound Of Goodbye.

The Darkness Of This Dawn.

Everything You’ve Got.

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