Hell In The Club – Shadow Of The Monster 2016 album review. 4.5 star rating.


Hell In The Club

‘Shadow Of The Monster’

Hell In The Club – Shadow Of The Monster music video.

2016 release from Scarlet Records.

Davide “Dave” Moras – Vocals. Andrea “Pico” Piccardi – Guitar. Andrea “Andy” Buratto – Bass. Marco “Lancs” Lanciotti – Drums.

Artist location: Italy.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed By David.

  1. Dance!
  2. Enjoy The Ride.
  3. Hell Sweet Hell.
  4. Shadow Of The Monster.
  5. The Life & Death Of Mr. Nobody.
  6. Appetite.
  7. Naked.
  8. Le Cirque Des Horreurs.
  9. Try Me, Hate Me.
  10. Money Changes Everything (The Brains/Cyndi Lauper cover).


Two years after the great ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ album, Italian rockers Hell In The Club are back and it would appear that the third time is indeed a charm with this band. Taking everything that worked on their first two albums and making it even better this time around, they give us what, in my opinion, is easily their strongest release to date.

These guys really do keep getting better and better with each record and you can tell you are in for a fun, rocking, pure sleaze rock record full of catchy songs, fantastic musicianship and great vocals from track one.

The first thing that is apparent here when you play this album is that these boys came to rock and rock hard. Starting things off with a bang is a great track, ‘Dance!’. Heavy, catchy and just damn good, the guys get you pumped and ready to rock from the get go. The album continues in this same vein for the next three tracks, the band sounding superb as they blaze their way onward through some of the finest music they have released yet on songs like ‘Enjoy The Ride’, ‘Hell Sweet Hell’ and the title track, ‘Shadow Of The Monster’. They slow things down a bit for ‘The Life & Death Of Mr. Nobody’, a great little mid-tempo track, before heading into another kick ass rocker, ‘Appetite’, one of my personal favorites.

‘Naked’, ‘Le Cirque Des Horreurs’ and ‘Try Me, Hate Me’ continue the hard rocking style of the record in a grand way before slowing things way down for a fantastic cover of The Brains song, ‘Money Changes Everything’, though probably better known for the 1984 cover by Cyndi Lauper on her debut album. This song really showcases the vocal ability of frontman Davide Moras as he does a superb job here. They are all great songs and this ballad rounds out what is an excellent sleaze rock record.

If you own, or have heard, the band’s first two albums then you already know what to expect to hear. If you haven’t heard them then think possibly a bit of Crazy Lixx and a bit of Reckless Love  thrown together, but with a bit more attitude then throw in a bit of Kissin’ Dynamite, and you will have an idea of what these guys are delivering time and time again.

Most definitely recommended for the sleaze rockers out there. These guys have set the bar very high for themselves and their next release but if history is any indication, their next one will be nothing less than perfect.

A hard rocking album with a band that is extremely talented and compliment each other well as they play each track. Great vocals and some fantastic guitar work combined with some catchy as hell melodies make this a record that you don’t want to miss out on.

Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:


Enjoy The Ride.

Hell Sweet Hell.

Shadow Of The Monster.

The Life & Death Of Mr. Nobody.



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