Jaded Heart – Guilty By Design 2016 album review. 4.5 star rating.


Jaded Heart

‘Guilty By Design’

Jaded Heart – Rescue Me music video.

2016 release from Massacre Records.

Johan Fahlberg – Vocals. Peter Ostros – Guitar. Masahiro Eto – Guitar. Michael Müller – Bass. Bodo Stricker – Drums.

Artist location: Germany/Sweden.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. No Reason.
  2. Godforsaken.
  3. Seven Gates Of Hell.
  4. Remembering.
  5. Rescue Me.
  6. Salvation.
  7. No Waiting For Tomorrow.
  8. Watching You Die.
  9. So Help Me God.
  10. Bullying Me.
  11. This Is The End.
  12. Torn And Scarred.
  13. My Farewell (Bonus track).
  14. My Own Way Down (Bonus track).


Yet another fine release here in 2016 as Jaded Heart return with an album sure to please fans of their last five records.

Following in the same vein of songwriting that we have seen since the outstanding 2005 ‘Helluva Time’ record, the guys deliver a set of 14 hard, heavy and melodic songs.

Production value is high here as usual with Jaded Heart’s albums, everything is mixed just right and sounds terrific each go around.

The band is fantastic like always. Ostros  and Eto are phenomenal on their guitars and shred their way through each track. Müller is a great bassist and he sounds excellent here like always. Stricker is a hell of a drummer and he does a fantastic job behind his drumkit

This group of talented men know how to play, and play damn well and they do so on each track included on this release with ferocity and some pure God-given talent as they consistantly rock the hell out through the record, backing their singer.

And speaking of the singer, frontman Johan Fahlberg is a beast vocally. He is never less than a perfect vocal on all that he does and this record is no different as he sings his way through the fourteen tracks and does so brilliantly. He is one of the best singers out there. I have said it before and I will say it again, the band really took things up a few notches once Fahlberg came aboard and they turned to the melodic metal side of things. They have found their niche in the music world and they are continually kicking ass in it.

The songs are all exactly what we have come to expect. Heavy and melodic, great vocals, great musicians and great hooks, and yet again, all of the tracks are rockers with no ballad in sight. Songs like the hard hitting opener, ‘No Reason’  and the heavy notes of ‘Godforsaken’ are quick reminders to us of just why we love this band.

Jaded Heart has become a name synonymous with high quality melodic metal and this record does not disappoint. This is not new territory for the band or for anyone that has heard the music they have released in the last several records, and that is definitely not a bad thing as their releases have been outstanding and this one is no different. An excellent slice of melodic metal heaven just as we have come to expect from the guys. 

Definitely highly recommended for fans of the band and fans of the heavier side of melodic rock. This is a damn solid album.

You would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with this one (though I do miss the high notes from Johan), the band has yet again outdone themselves. As good as it is, as with all of the band’s records, it just gets better with each spin of the disc. Pick this one up. Play it and play it again. It won’t leave your player anytime soon.

Standout Tracks:

No Reason.


Seven Gates Of Hell.


Rescue Me.


Watching You Die.

This Is The End.

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