Bad Company – Holy Water 1990 album review. 4.5 star rating.


Bad Company

‘Holy Water’

Bad Company – Holy Water music video.

1990 release from ATCO Records.

Brian Howe – Vocals. Mick Ralphs – Guitar. Simon Kirke – Drums. Acoustic guitar and vocals on ‘100 Miles’. Felix Krish – Bass. Lea Hart – Backing vocals. Rick Smith – Accordian on ‘100 Miles’. Terry Thomas – Guitar, Hammond organ, percussion, backing vocals. Tina Egan – Backing vocals on ‘If You Needed Somebody’.

Artist location: London, England.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Holy Water.
  2. Walk Through Fire.
  3. Stranger Stranger.
  4. If You Needed Somebody.
  5. Fearless.
  6. Lay Your Love On Me.
  7. Boys Cry Tough.
  8. With You In A Heartbeat.
  9. I Don’t Care.
  10. Never Too Late.
  11. Dead Of The Night.
  12. I Can’t Live Without You.
  13. 100 Miles.


While some folks dismissed Bad Company after Paul Rogers left the band, the remaining members were far from being finished after that 1982 fiasco. Reformed in 1986 with new singer Brian Howe, who had previously been with Ted Nugent providing lead vocals for the 1984 ‘Penetrator’ album, the band released ‘Fame And Fortune’, giving such singles as ‘This Love’ and ‘That Girl’. The album was decent enough but not outstanding.

Returning again in 1988 with a stronger album, ‘Dangerous Age’, that produced a huge song for the reformed band, ‘No Smoke Without A Fire’. Again, a good album with some great songs, but not an outstanding album was a whole.

However, two years later the band came back with the best album of their career, 1990’s ‘Holy Water’. I realize many people will disagree with this and that is fine, but in my opinion ‘Holy Water’ stands as the band’s strongest album and it produced many a great song.

The album is full of radio friendly songs that were dying to be hit singles. In fact the album reached platinum status and gave us four tracks that made it on the Billboard charts. The title track itself went to number one and stayed there for two weeks. Click on the link at the top of the page to see the music video and you will understand why, it is one of the band’s best tracks.

Vocally Howe was never better. Sounding incredible throughout the record on both the ballads and the rockers he delivers a perfect vocal each time. Howe channels a lot of Lou Gramm vocally and comparisons in the two voices are undeniable.

Songs like the title track, ‘Walk Through Fire’ and ‘If You Needed Someone’ are outstanding examples of melodic rock at it’s best, though there really isn’t a bad song in the mix. The last song, ‘100 Miles’, was written, and is performed by, drummer Simon Kirke whose voice is quite different from Howe’s and has a more folksy, James Taylor vibe to it. The song has more of a folk vibe to it as well but is still a good track.

The band is fantastic here, as they always have been. The vocals, as stated, are utterly superb. The songs are all great, catchy and just plain good rock ‘n roll. By this point you have all likely heard this record, or at least songs from it, but if you have not then most definitely check it out. And even if you have heard it then maybe it is time to revisit this classic album and listen to these excellent songs again.

Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:


‘Holy Water’

‘Walk Through Fire’

‘Stranger Stranger’.

‘If You Needed Somebody’.

‘Boys Cry Tough’.

‘I Can’t Live Without You’.


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