Phantom 5 – Self Titled 2016 album review. 3 star rating.


Phantom 5

‘Self Titled’

Phantom 5 – Someday music video.

2016 release from Frontiers Music srl.

Claus Lessmann – Vocals. Alex Kruse – Drums. Michael Voss – Guitars, vocals. Robby Boebel – Guitar. Francis Buchholz – Bass.

Artist location: Germany.

3 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. All The Way.
  2. Blue Dog.
  3. Someday.
  4. Don’t Touch The Night.
  5. Renegade.
  6. Flying High.
  7. Since You’re Gone.
  8. They Won’t Come Back.
  9. Frontline.
  10. We Both Had Our Time.
  11. Why.
  12. Sing Along (Bonus track, digital version).

I will be honest, I do not like doing negative reviews. These artists work very hard to write, record and release these records. They pour their lives into these albums and I don’t like to be the one to crap on their work, after all we all have different tastes in music and many will enjoy what I personally do not.

It only takes one look at my site to realize that I try to focus on the positive, on albums that I personally find great and outstanding. However as someone who runs a music review site, sometimes it means biting the bullet and giving a negative review of an album by artists that I have the utmost respect for. Phantom 5’s debut is one of those.

With the lineup this album has, the great Claus Lessmann formerly of the fantastic outfit BonfireMichael Voss of Casanova, Bonfire and Michael Schenker. Robby Boebel of FrontlineAxel Kruse of Jaded Heart and Francis Buchholz from Scorpions, expectations were high for it and obviously talent is found everywhere in the record, the band sounds stunning as you would expect with such incredible artists and it is fantastic to hear the voice of Claus Lessmann behind the mic again.

Add to that the only track I heard prior to receiving this album, ‘Someday’, is an absolutely stellar song that just screams Bonfire, my expectations became even higher.

Then I received the album and heard the rest of it.

This is the second big disappointment of the year for me, the first being Reckless Love’s ‘InVader’. And while this is not nearly as bad as that release was, and actually this is not a bad record per se, as there really is not a bad song in the lot, but, aside from ‘Someday’, there are just really no great tracks either. Save the one song, the rest of the album just comes off as mediocre to me personally. 

Starting things off with ‘All The Way’ it seems like we are in for a feast. The verses are great, the melody is great, the instruments, the vocals, all of it sounds excellent. And then the chorus hits and it just goes nowhere. And that is the exact problem with the entire album to me, the songs just don’t have any big hooks to them. They all tend to stay one dimensional and, as I said, simply go nowhere.

As I said, it is not that any of the songs are bad, they just fail to grab me, there are no real wow moments to them and they just fail to deliver any real hooks. There are still some decent enough tracks on the album, but with the talent and potential that are here it should have been far better then the finished result was.

Listen to some of the tracks and see for yourself, and by all means click on the link at the top of the page and listen to ‘Someday’ as it is indeed a superb track, but all in all it is a very mediocre release in my opinion that was quite a letdown for me. Let’s hope the next outing for these guys give us a release that is worthy of the outstanding talent that resides within this band and not another subpar record.

Standout Tracks:

‘All The Way’.

‘Blue Dog’.


‘Since You’re Gone’.



  1. Is it album of the year material? No. But I do think it is better than average record. In the first song, Claus reminded me of Alice Cooper on the Trash album. Me personally, 4 stars.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chili, thanks for writing and for checking out my site, I appreciate it.

      I respect your opinion on it but I will have to disagree and hold on to my average rating. While certainly not a bad record at all, it just failed to capture me. There are some good songs and ‘Someday’ is excellent, but as a whole it was just a bit lackluster in my opinion.

      Thank you for writing and expressing your opinion on it, I certainly welcome all comments.



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