Revolution Saints – Self Titled 2015 album review. 4.5 star rating.


Revolution Saints

‘Self Titled’


Revolution Saints – Turn Back Time music video.

2015 release from Frontiers Music, srl.

Deen Castronovo – lead vocals, drums. Jack Blades -bass, vocals tracks 2 and 5. Doug Aldrich– guitars. Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards, backing vocals on track 5.

Artist location: USA, Italy.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Back On My Trail.
  2. Turn Back Time.
  3. You’re Not Alone (Feat. Arnel Pineda).
  4. Locked Out Of Paradise.
  5. Way To The Sun (Feat. Neal Schon).
  6. Dream On.
  7. Don’t Walk Away.
  8. Here Forever.
  9. Strangers To This Life.
  10. Better World.
  11. To Mend A Broken Heart.
  12. In The Name Of The Father (Fernando’s Song).
  13. You’re Not Alone (Arnel Pineda  version). Deluxe edition only.
  14. Way To The Sun (Doug Aldrich  version). Deluxe edition only.
  15. You’re Not Alone (Deen Castronovo  version). Deluxe edition only.

DVD; Making The Album. ‘Turn Back Time’ (Video). ‘Back On My Trail’ (Video). Deluxe edition only.


What else but perfection can you expect from a band that consists of Deen Castronovo (Journey, Hardline), Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees, Shaw/Blades), Doug Aldrich  (WhitesnakeDio, Lion, Bad Moon Rising, House Of Lords, Hurricane  and Burning Rain) and help from Arnel Pineda (Journey) and Neal Schon  (Journey, Hardline, Witness, Tain Caine), with the majority of the writing credit going to man of the hour in melodic rock, keyboardist /producer and incredibly talented artist, Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Edge Of Forever) and some help from another man of the hour, artist extraodinaire Erik Martensson (EclipseW.E.T., Ammunition). The sheer anount of pure, God-given talent that is contained in this record is unbelievable.

This record is pure melodic rock from beginning to end. The songs are all top notch as one would expect from such a band, production is outstanding and the band obviously sounds phenomenal.

Castronovo’s vocal resemblance to Steve Perry is uncanny and the comparison to Journey is unmistakable. I had heard Deen sing before on Journey’s 2005 album ‘Generations’ but never thought much of it until seeing them in concert in 2007 when Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, Eyes, Takara, W.E.T., Axel Rudi Pell, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Human Clay, Yngwie Malmsteen, Humananimal, SOTO) who had previously been in the band Soul Sirkus with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, had to take over vocals for Steve Augeri. On this tour Jeff took care of most of the rockers while Deen took the wheel on most of the ballads, that is the first time I was truly blown away by the pipes on this man. Now 8 years later we have Deen’s first foray into taking the reigns and spearheading a band of his own and all I can wonder is why has this man been sitting behind the drums for so many years when he has this kind of voice on him. He does an absolutely stellar job pulling double duty with lead vocals and drums.

Jack Blades takes on the bass here and contributes some shared lead vocals on two tracks. He sounds as great as ever vocally and his bass is fantastic.

Doug Aldrich is spectacular on guitar, no surprise there of course as the man is a monster on the guitar. His blazing solos speak for themselves here and sound amazing.

And of course no melodic rock record would be complete these days without some contribution by the outstanding Alessandro Del Vecchio. Alessandro covers the keys on this release which are a prominent part of the music and sound incredible with the mix never being too much or outdoing the guitars.

All said, this is one release that you do not want to miss out on. A fantastic record with amazing songs and incredible musicians.

Highly recommended for fans of Journey, Steve Perry, Night Ranger, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Erik Martensson and Frontiers Records releases in general.


Standout tracks:


Back On My Trail’ – The album opener. Upbeat melodic rocker. Great melody.

‘Turn Back Time’ – Fantastic rocker duet with Jack Blades sharing vocals. One of the big highlights of the record.

‘You’re Not Alone’ – Pure Journey-esque ballad featuring none other than current Journey frontman Arnel Pineda sharing on lead vocals.

‘Locked Out Of Paradise’ – Catchy, upbeat, and utterly phenomenal. Hands down the absolute best song on the album in my opinion.

‘Here Forever’ – A wonderful, beautiful ballad with a fantastic vocal from Deen. Again a very Journey-esque vibe.

‘Better World’ – A great pop infused rocker with a wonderful chorus and another great vocal.

‘To Mend A Broken Heart’ – Originally released on Eclipse’s 2008 release ‘Are You Ready’, I dare say this version is every bit as good as the original. A great upbeat rocker from the pen of Erik Martensson.

‘In The Name Of The Father ( Fernando’s Song) – A beautiful ballad penned by the talented Alessandro Del Vecchio.

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