Kane Roberts – Saints And Sinners 1991 album review. 5 star rating.


Kane Roberts

‘Saints And Sinner’

Kane Roberts – Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore? music video.

1991 release from DGC (Geffen).

Kane Roberts – Lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars. John McCurry – Guitar. Steven Steele – Bass. Myron Grombacher – Drums. Chuck Kentis – Keyboards.

Artist location: USA.

5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Wild Nights.
  2. Twisted.
  3. Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?.
  4. Dance Little Sister.
  5. Rebel Heart.
  6. You Always Want It.
  7. Fighter.
  8. I’m Not Lookin’ For An Angel.
  9. Too Far Gone.
  10. It’s Only Over For You.


Probably best known for his stint as Alice Cooper’s guitarist on the 1986 ‘Constrictor’ and 1987 ‘Raise Your Fist And Yell’ albums, (the same period of time Kip Winger played bass for the Coop, though Kip stayed for one more album after Kane left), Kane Roberts proved himself to be, not only an extremely talented guitarist, but also quite a gifted vocalist in 1987 on his eponymous debut solo record. A very good album with some great songs to be sure but Roberts really outdid his first release in 1991 when he released his sophmore project, ‘Saints And Sinners’, an excellent record with a set of outstanding, hard rocking songs full of  Kane’s blazing guitar solos and his fantastic vocals with not a bad track in the lot.

Though he is mostly known for his guitar playing, stage presence and Rambo persona with his muscle bound physique and trademark machine gun guitar, Roberts ought to be just as widely known for his vocals and writing abilities as well as he possesses an impressive voice and can obviously write some incredible songs. Just listen to any track presented on this record and you will hear it for yourself.

Roberts was very active during the 1980’s contributing to several albums outside of Cooper’s records and his own solo material but he pretty much disappeared from the spotlight after this record until 1999 when he returned with a new band, Phoenix Down, and released one album with them, ‘Under A Wild Sky’. Roberts  then released an album of previously unreleased tracks encompassing his career in 2012 titled ‘Unsung Radio’ but has continued staying out of the spotlight since then save an appearance here and there at places such as the Firefest festival.

Whether he will return with another album or not remains to be seen, though we certainly hope he does, but at least he did give us an album here of classic, kick ass songs that deserve to be heard and reheard again or revisted if you have already heard them before.

Full of hard rocking songs like the album opener, ‘Wild Nights’, and the catchy singalong chorus of ‘Fighter’ and some excellent ballads, like the cover of the Bon Jovi penned song ‘Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?’ that appeared on Cher’s  1989 album, ‘Heart Of Stone’ and more recently on the 2014 deluxe edition of Bon Jovi’s ‘New Jersey’ album. The record is 10 tracks of straight-up rock ‘n’ roll sure to please any fan of the genre immensely.

Very highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:

‘Wild Nights’.


‘Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?’.


‘It’s Only Over For You’.

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