First Signal – One Step Over The Line 2016 album review. 4.5 star rating.


First Signal

‘One Step Over The Line’

First Signal – Love Gets Through music video, audio only.

2016 release from Frontiers Music Srl.

Harry Hess – Vocals. Michael Palace – Guitar, bass. Daniel Flores – Drums, keyboards.

Artist location: Canada (Hess). Sweden (Flores, Palace).

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Love Run Free.
  2. Love Gets Through.
  3. Still Pretending.
  4. Broken.
  5. Kharma.
  6. Minute Of Your Time.
  7. She Is Getting Away.
  8. December Rain.
  9. Weigh Me In.
  10. Pedestal.
  11. One Step Over The Line.


Harem Scarem frontman Harry Hess returned with his second offering from side project First Signal earlier this month and he returned with a vengeance.

First Signal is a bit of a different project for Hess as he is here only in a vocal capacity unlike his Harem Scarem and  Hess projects, the songs are all written by other artists here. Well known producer, singer and musician Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69Khymera) produced the first album but this go around we have Daniel Flores (Find MeThe Murder Of My Sweet) pulling triple duty as drummer, keyboardist and producer, and he has done an outstanding job as production here is fantastic. The young guitarist, Michael Palace (Palace, debut record releasing August 26th), is quite a gifted guitarist and he proves it here on each track as he plays both the guitars and bass throughout the record with a deft hand.

The first album was excellent and had some great songs on it and this second album is no less great and again has some truly outstanding tracks on it like three of my personal favorites, the very melodic ‘Love Gets Through’ that sounds like a lost Harem Scarem track (click on the link at the top of the page to hear this great track), the superb mid-tempo ‘Still Pretending’ or the outstanding ‘Pedestal’, these tracks have the strongest choruses of the album in my opinion and it is songs like this that are simply amazing enough to renew your faith in music again.

Hess is another artist who’s voice has held up extremely well and he sounds excellent on every song. Barely seeming to have lost a single step vocally since his early days in Harem ScaremHarry blasts his way through the 11 tracks with precision, never sounding anything less than stellar on any song.

Fans of Harem Scarem will find much to enjoy here as many of the tracks presented sound like they could have come straight off of one of the bands classic albums. There is really nothing negative I can say about this record. It is a pure melodic rock album full of wonderful songs performed by a trio of very talented artists that deliver on every single track.

There is really not much that needs to be said about this record. We are all more than familiar with Harry and his works and the name Harry Hess speaks for itself by this point and should say all you need to know about this album. On the off chance anyone reads this that is not familiar with the man’s works then by all means, get cracking on that as you have a wealth of incredibly wonderful music ahead of you from this superb artists career.

Anyone who is a fan of Hess’s work with Harem Scarem, solo albums or the debut First Signal record will want to pick this one up ASAP. A fantastic album full of big vocals and huge melodies like we have come to expect from a Harry Hess release. I do not believe you will be disappointed.

Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:

‘Love Run Free’.

‘Love Gets Through’.

‘Still Pretending’.


‘She’s Getting Away’.

‘Weigh Me In’.


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