Jimi Jamison – Never Too Late 2012 album review. 5 star rating.


Jimi Jamison

‘Never Too Late’

Jimi Jamison – Never Too Late music video.

2012 release from Frontiers Music Srl.

Jimi Jamison – Vocals. Erik Martensson – Lead guitar, rythym guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals. Magnus Ulfstedt – Drums. Jonas Oijvall – Hammond B3, piano, synthesizers. Magnus Henriksson – Lead guitar.

Artist location: USA, Sweden.

5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Everybody’s Got A Broken Heart.
  2. The Great Unknown.
  3. Never Too Late.
  4. I Can’t Turn Back.
  5. Street Survivor.
  6. The Air I Breathe.
  7. Not Tonight.
  8. Calling The Game.
  9. Bullet In The Gun.
  10. Heaven Call Your Name.
  11. Walk On (Wildest Dreams).


One of the most widely recognizable and most respected voices in melodic rock gave us his unparalleled swan song in 2012 with Never Too Late.

Former Survivor vocalist and melodic rock icon Jimi Jamison is no stranger to fans of the genre and quite frankly almost anyone period thanks to his considerable contributions to rock ‘n’ roll over the years. There may possibly be a handful of people that are unfamiliar with his voice and world renowned songs such as ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, but for the majority of us we will always remember him as the voice behind some of the best songs to ever grace the genre.

This is the last record Jimi delivered before his untimely passing, it seems fitting that it would be the best solo work he has ever done. While he was here only in a singing capacity, with artist/writer/producer extraodinaire Erik Martensson being the main force behind the writing of this superb album, the songs still have that Jamison sound to them like we know and love and sound absolutely stunning.

This album is a bit heavier then some of Jimi’s previous work but the strong melodies and big hooks are still there, of course we would never have expected anything less with Erik at the helm.

The songs are all outstandingly wonderful with the majority of the lyrics focusing on the positive such as the title track which drives home the point that it is never too late for your dreams to become a reality. Or the album opener ‘Everybody’s Got A Broken Heart’ that says to let go of the past, get up and move forward and you will find happiness again. And my personal favorite, ‘Bullet In The Gun’, that tells us life is short and every second counts so live life to the fullest. Lyrics like these are in every song, giving us an album that not only has beautiful vocals, excellent musicianship and huge melodies to die for, but lyrics that can speak to everyone.

Erik has written some truly masterful songs in his career but I think that this, as one collection, is his strongest yet. The band sounds terrific, but what else would you expect from a band made up of three members of the excellent band Eclipse and one guy I was unfamiliar with prior to this record, Jonas Oijvall, but he proves himself here as he does a fantastic job.

And Jimi himself. What can you say about him. The man could flat out sing, and he does so here on every track with fervor and emotion and sounds utterly amazing.

This is a record that any melodic rock fan should already have in their collection, but if you don’t then go and get it right away. From rockers like the aforementioned ‘Bullet In The Gun’ to beautiful ballads like the heartbreaking ‘Heaven Call Your Name’ where Jimi delivers his most emotional vocal of the record (a song that is made much more emotional after the death of Jamison), the album is packed full of absolute melodic rock gems that is sure to please every fan of the genre.

The highest of recommendations here. This is melodic rock as it should be.


Standout Tracks:

‘Everybody’s Got A Broken Heart’.

‘The Great Unknown’.

‘Never Too Late’.

‘I Can’t Turn Back’.

‘The Air I Breathe’.

‘Not Tonight’.

‘Bullet In The Gun’.

‘Heaven Call Your Name’.



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