Dare – Beneath The Shining Water 2004 album review. 5 star rating.



‘Beneath The Shining Water’

Dare – Beneath The Shining Water music video, audio only.

2004 release from MTM Music.

Darren Wharton – Vocals, keyboards. Andrew Moore – Guitars, bass. Gavin Mart – Drums. Richie Dews – Acoustic guitar.

Artist location: England.

5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Sea Of Roses.
  2. Days Gone By.
  3. Silent Hills.
  4. Beneath The Shining Water.
  5. The Battles That You’ve Won.
  6. Allowed To Fall.
  7. I’ll Be The Wind.
  8. When Darkness Ends.
  9. Storm Wind.
  10. Last Train.


Through a changing group of band members the one constant of Dare has been band mastermind and frontman Darren Wharton himself and he has been consistantly giving us outstanding records since the band’s incredible debut record, ‘Out Of The Silence’, in 1988. Now coming up on the release of studio album number seven, ‘Sacred Ground’, just around the corner I figured it was time to add a review of my second favorite album from Darren and the boys on here since I reviewed my favorite, ‘Blood From Stone’, a few months back.

2004 brought us the outstanding ‘Beneath The Shining Waters’ record. I would say this is the mildest album that Dare has done to date and is not really a rocker per se, and that is by no means a negative. What it is however is a simply wonderful album full of some of the most beautiful songs to ever come from the pen of Wharton.

Following in the same vein of celtic infused melodic rock that really began in 1998’s ‘Calm Before The Storm’, Darren has delivered a masterpiece with this album. While always one to give us beautiful music on every record, I think he hit the motherlode with this one as every single track on here is phenomenal.

Starting things off is the excellent ‘Sea Of Roses’ and it sets the tone for the rest of the record. Moving through two more fantastic songs, the upbeat ‘Days Gone Bye’ and the slower ‘Silent Hills’, we land on one of the best songs of the album, the beautiful title track, ‘Beneath The Shining Water’. Next up is not only the best song of the record but one of my favorite Dare songs period, the stunning ‘The Battles That You’ve Won’, a song that I will never tire of hearing with an amazing vocal by Wharton.

‘Allowed To Fall’, ‘I’ll Be The Wind’ and  ‘When Darkness Ends’ are all classic sounding Dare tracks and are wonderful additions to the band’s catalogue of songs. The final two tracks, ‘Storm Wind’ and ‘Last Train’, are the album closers and I feel the weakest of the record, but by no means bad songs and they close out a perfect record of wonderful melodic rock.

Wharton’s voice is incredible and he sounds utterly amazing on everything he does but I feel that he truly shines on the material he has been putting out for the last several records. The softer side of the genre agrees with his tone and his emotion filled vocals sound excellent against the backdrop of the celtic tones and low key melodies he writes. This is about as good vocally as he has ever sounded.

Don’t mistake my saying low key as meaning anything negative as these songs are no less than stellar and are certainly no less powerful and more then hold their own against anything else being put out.

This music is not for everyone. If you are primarily a hard core rock ‘n’ roller or a metal head then you will likely not enjoy  Dare’s music as it is softer and more introspective. However if you love the softer side of melodic rock and find enjoyment in a more soothing sounding song then this is for you. A superb record by an excellent band and an outstanding vocalist that deserves to be in every music lovers library.

Very highly recommended.

Keep an eye out for the new album, ‘Sacred Ground’, releasing July 22nd.

Standout Tracks:

‘Sea Of Roses’.

‘Days Gone By’.

‘Silent Hills’.

‘Beneath The Shining Water’.

‘The Battles That You’ve Won’.

‘Allowed To Fall’.

‘I’ll Be The Wind’.

‘When Darkness Ends’.


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