Diving For Pearls – Self Titled 1989 album review. 4 star rating.


Diving For Pearls

‘Self Titled’

Diving For Pearls – Gimme Your Good Lovin’ music video.

1989 release from Epic Records/CBS Records. Rock Candy Records, remastered and re-issued in 2006.

Danny Malone – Vocals, guitar. Yul Vazquez – Guitar, vocals. Jack Moran – Keyboards. David Weeks – Bass guitar. Peter Clemente – Drums.

Artist location: New York, USA. 

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Gimme Your Good Lovin’.
  2. Have You Forgotten?.
  3. I Close My Eyes.
  4. New Moon.
  5. Never On Monday.
  6. You’re All I Know.
  7. Mystery To Me.
  8. I Don’t Want To Cry.
  9. Keep Our Love Alive.
  10. The Girl Can’t Stop It.
  11. Dear Prudence (demo, The Beatles cover.). (Re-issue only).
  12. I Close My Eyes (live). (Re-issue only).
  13. Gimme Your Good Lovin’ (live). (Re-issue only).
  14. The Girl Can’t Stop It (live). (Re-issue only).
  15. She Sells Sanctuary (live, The Cult cover). (Re-issue only).


One of the many underrated AOR bands, US based Diving For Pearls  released this gem of a record back in 1989.

Full of everything that we love about melodic rock, this record is a lesser known classic among a genre that saw the rise of much larger and more well known bands taking most of the limelight in the AOR field while many bands like this fell through the cracks and never really hit it big.

But though they never made it as big as they should have this album still made waves in the industry upon it’s release and gave us two singles at the time, the opening track and sole music video for the band, the rocker ‘Gimme Your Good Lovin”, and the excellent radio hit ‘I Don’t Want To Cry’. These songs, plus the majority of the record as a whole, prove that this band had what it takes. They, like so many countless bands, just hit the scene at the wrong time and outside of this record, which in fact did very well, just never quite made it.

The band didn’t last too long after the release of this debut record as they were dropped from the record label and disbanded just one short year after the albums release. The members went on to various projects never to return again with the exception of frontman Danny Malone who returned in 2002 with a new set of band members. This return saw the release of the second album, ‘Texas’, in 2006, a long 17 years after the debut. It was a decent enough record but could not hold a candle to the first album’s strength. Met with little enthusiasm upon it’s release, the band called it quits again, this time for good and Malone left the music business

Rock Candy, a label known for re-issuing older titles, re-mastered and re-issued this record in 2006 with one demo of The Beatles’ ‘Dear Prudence’ and four live tracks from a 1990 show including a cover of The Cult’s ‘She Sells Sanctuary’. Both editions are out of print now though you can still find them through online vendors.

What we are left with from the band though is a near perfect album of fantastic melodic rock with some great tunes by some fine musicians and some excellent vocals from Malone.

My sole complaint with the record musically is the chorus of ‘Mystery To Me’ which is far too repetitive and gets old very quickly. This is easily the weakest song on the album in my opinion and is one I have just never been able to get in to.

While not as well known as some it is still a worthy addition to both the genre and your collection as the band delivered an album of classic AOR songs that is sure to satisfy many a fan of the genre and may just prove to be an undiscovered gem for you.

Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:


‘Gimme Your Good Lovin”.

‘Have You Forgotten?’.

‘I Close My Eyes’.

‘New Moon’.

‘Never On Monday’.

‘You’re All I Know’.

‘I Don’t Want To Cry’.



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