Ken Hensley – Blood On The Highway 2007 album review. 4 star rating.


Ken Kensley

‘Blood On The Highway’

Ken Hensley – We’re On Our Way (feat. Jorn Lande) music video, audio only.

2007 release from Membran Music Ltd.

Ken Hensley – Lead and background vocals, hammond organ, synthesizers, keyboards, guitars, dobro. Ovidio Lopez – Lead guitar. Rafa Raposa – Guitar.  Dani Saiz – Guitar. Antonio Fidel – Bass. John Smithson – Bass. Juan Carlos Garcia – Drums. Tommy Lopez – Drums. Vicente Ruiz – Piano. Antonio Molto – Alto saxophone. The Alicante Symphony Orchestra.

Artist location: England.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. (This Is) Just The Beginning. (Feat. Jorn Lande).
  2. We’re On Our Way. (Feat. Jorn Lande).
  3. Blood On The Highway. (Feat. Jorn Lande).
  4. You’ve Got It. (Feat. Jorn Lande).
  5. Doom (Scene 1).
  6. It Won’t Last. (Feat. John Lawton).
  7. Think Twice. (Feat. Eve Gallagher).
  8. Doom (Scene 2).
  9. There Comes A Time.
  10. Okay (This House Is Down). (Feat. Jorn Lande).
  11. What You Gonna Do. (Feat. Glenn Hughes).
  12. Postscript.
  13. I Did It All. (Feat. The Alicante Symphony Orchestra).
  14. The Last Dance. (Feat. Glenn Hughes and The Alicante Symphony Orchestra).


With well over 30 albums under his belt, Ken Hensley is a man who has been around for a long time in the music world and seen it all. Best known for his time with Uriah Heep throughout the 1970’s he is a well respected member of the musical community who has given us more than his share of outstanding music.

In this conceptual, autobiographical album on the career of Hensley, he gives us the account of a rock star, himself, and the rise to fame, the fall from glory and the re-entry into music again.

The album is a mixed bag. While the songs that are good are absolutely fantastic, the few songs that aren’t are mediocre at best.

Bringing along a handful of guest vocalists with him that certainly need no introduction, we have the joy of hearing not only Ken himself but also the tremendous voices of the great Jorn Lande, the legendary Glenn Hughes, the fantastic John Lawton and Eve Gallagher.

The first half of the album is fantastic. Songs like ‘(This Is) Just The Beginning’, ‘We’re On Our Way’ and ‘Blood On The Highway’ are outstanding rockers and start the record off in the best of ways.

‘You’ve Got It’ is another good track that leads into one of the two short speaking tracks of the album, ‘Doom (Scene 1). Then we have the first track that failed to capture me, ‘It Won’t Last’. It is not a bad song, it is just not up to par with the first few of the album.

At track seven we have ‘Think Twice’, a decent enough song with a chorus that sounds a bit like a Laura Brannigan style song. The next track is another speaking track, ‘Doom (Scene 2)’, and it brings us into the slow moving ballad by Hensley  himself, ‘There Comes A Time’, and another mediocre track.

The Jorn Lande fronted track ‘Okay (This House Is Down)’ brings us back to a decent enough song but the following ‘What You Gonna Do’ is one of the worst of songs of the record to my ears.

Thankfully the next track, a heartbreakingly sung ballad by Hensley, ‘I Did It All’, is one of the best moments on the record period. A song basically chronicling the entire career of Ken in one song with an outstanding vocal by the man himself.

The last track, ‘The Last Dance’, is another forgettable one and ends the record on a less than stellar note.

All in all this is a great release, actually one of his best solo records. There are some less than great songs that are quite forgettable but the high moments of the album more than make up for the few low points of it. I only wish he could have stayed as strong in the writing throughout the whole record.

This legendary artist delivered a very personal and intimate album here and while there are some letdowns the album as a whole is a winner. Great vocals from a cast of incredible artists and some absolutely wonderful songs from the pen of Hensley make this one of the best solo albums Ken has done.

Highly recommended.

Standout Tracks:

‘(This Is) Just The Beginning’.

‘We’re On Our Way’.

‘Blood On The Highway’.

‘You’ve Got It’.

‘Think Twice’.

‘Okay (This House Is Down)’.

‘I Did It All’.


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