Strangeways – Walk In The Fire 1989 album review. 4.5 star rating.



‘Walk In The Fire’

Strangeways – Love Lies Dying music video, audio only.

1989 release Hangdog Records.

Terry Brock – Vocals. Ian J. Stewart – Guitar. Jim Drummond – Drums. David Stewart – Bass.

Artist location: Scotland.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Where Are They Now.
  2. Danger In Your Eyes.
  3. Love Lies Dying.
  4. Every Time You Cry.
  5. Talk To Me.
  6. Living In The Danger Zone.
  7. Modern World.
  8. Into The Night.
  9. Walk In The Fire.
  10. After The Hurt Is Gone.
  11. So Far Away (Live).
  12. Where Do We Go From Here (Live).


Scottish AOR band Strangeways have given us many fine songs over the course of thier career, and many consider their sophmore album, ‘Native Sons’, to be their best, and it is a great record to be sure and contains one of my favorite songs by the band, ‘Goodnight L.A.’, but this record surpasses that one and stands as their finest work as a whole for me personally.

This is the band’s second album with vocalist Terry Brock and it is a wonderful onslaught of melodic rock gems delivered by a talented group of artists and a great singer.

Terry has a fantastic and emotive voice and he delivers an outstanding vocal on the record, take a listen to one of my favorites of the album, the power ballad ‘Love Lies Dying’  (click on the link at the top of the page to hear it), and you will hear the pipes this man has. A truly wonderful voice.

There is really nothing wrong with this one and fans of the genre will likely find much to enjoy here with the excellent tracks included on the record. Talented musicians and outstanding vocals combined with the fantastic songs make this one a winner in my book.

You likely are all familiar with Strangeways by this point and are certainly familiar Terry Brock and his various work throughout the years both solo and with the many bands he has been associated with. This one stands as one of his best.

Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:


‘Where Are They Now’.

‘Danger In Your Eyes’.

‘Love Lies Dying’.

‘Everytime You Cry’.

‘Talk To Me’.

‘Living In The Danger Zone’.

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