Skagarack – Self Titled 1986 album review. 4 star rating.



‘Self Titled’

Skagarack- I’m Alone music video.

1986 release from Polydor International GmbH. 2007 re-issue from Universal Music Denmark AS.

Torben Schmidt – Vocals, additional keys and guitars. Jan Petersen – Guitars. Tommy Rasmussen – Keyboards, backing vocals. Morten Munch – Bass.  Alvin Otto – Drums.

Artist location: Denmark.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Move It In The Night.
  2. I’m Alone.
  3. Saying.
  4. Damned Woman.
  5. Don’t Turn Me Upside Down.
  6. Lies.
  7. Victim Of The System.
  8. City Child.
  9. Double Crossed.


Danish melodic rock band Skagarack is another lesser known band that put out some fabulous AOR and I offer this eponymous debut album from 1986 as proof to that fact.

Keyboard heavy melodic rock in the vein of bands such as Alien and The Storm  and fronted by the excellent, clear vocals of singer Torben Schmidt, this album is a goldmine for melodic rock lovers.

Formed in 1985 in Kolding, Denmark,  Skagarack have since released four studio albums to date. This 1986 debut record, 1988’s ‘Hungry For The Game’, 1990’s ‘A Slice Of Heaven’ and 1993’s ‘Big Time’. Though they have multiple records, this debut stands as their absolute best with nine solid tracks of excellent music sure to please fans of classic AOR.

While we have not had anything from them since the 1993 record, Schmidt is still active in music and has released two solo records. 1991’s excellent ‘A Bit On The Side’ (a great album for anyone who enjoys this debut) and 2014’s country infused ‘Long Story Short’.

A great band with some fantastic music. Do yourself a favor and check them out. Not to be missed for fans of the genre

Highly recommended.



Standout Tracks:


‘Move It In The Night’.

‘I’m Alone’.


‘Damned Woman’.

‘Don’t Turn Me Upside Down’.

‘City Child’.



  1. Great AOR album by these danish lads. Also, check out the follow up album “Hungry For A Game” an AOR masterpiece, the 2007 reissue has a brilliant instrumantal bonus track “Sweet Dreams”, this is their best CD IMHO.
    All their CD´s do have outstanding tracks!!!

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  2. I have Torben Schmidts first solo album, it follows the style that was A Slice Of Heaven, really great band!

    Keep up the great work on this site David!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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