New single from brand new band R2R.


I am beyond thrilled that my little site has started growing as more and more people discover it and follow my reviews. I am humbled that anyone takes the time to read my writings and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I only pray that I can do even a bit of the justice to the amazing artists in this genre that they so richly deserve.

One thing that happens when you run a site like this and it starts to prosper as people start taking notice of it is you start receiving messages and emails from bands trying to get a start in the industry, often including a video or MP3 of a song from their band and this has happened numerous times for me now.

I am thrilled that new bands do indeed feel my site is worth sending their music to and I am always happy to receive videos or audio from new bands trying to get a start.

My main focus of doing this site is to try and bring more attention to the genre and to the superb artists and their incredible music. I will ALWAYS support music and the artists of this genre. It is the absolute greatest music in the world and our support of it is paramount to the music, and the artists, continuing to survive.

In staying with that thought I have decided to post a video from a new band that recently contacted me.

Check them out, see what you think. Whether you enjoy the song or not, it is always very exciting to see new, young bands getting into the genre and bringing fresh blood into the industry and I applaud them for their effort and drive. 


R2R is a band based out of Venezuela. Frontman Joe Rodríguez, who is recording this music in his very own home along with bandmate Oscar Hernández on their own dime, sent me this audio of their very first single.

R2R – The Miracle Of Art music video, audio only.



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