Interview with Janine Nyman of Violet Janine.


Janine Nyman Interview



Swedish band Violet Janine just released their debut album earlier this year (Click here to read my review of the album). The record is a great melodic pop rock album featuring the vocals of beautiful frontwoman Janine NymanJanine was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions for me about the record and her career.



MMR: Hey Janine, I hope you are doing well. First of all thank you so much taking the time to answer these questions, I really appreciate it. I love the album, it is fantastic, congratulations on it. You obviously have a very talented group of musicians here so tell me, how did the band get started and come together?

JN: I always been playing and writing music and came to an point were I really wanted to get a band together and not only have comp musicians. I had alot of songs in the making and thought it was time to get this together. I been playing with the same bass player Basse Blyberg for a couple of years so he was with me from the beginning. Daniel and Ian started at the same time and Mano came along with us after our first guitarists decided to jump off

MMR: You had some incredible talent on the album, outside of the band itself of course, Europe’s Jon Levén in the video ‘Down On My Knees‘ along with Pontus Snibb from the fantastic band Bonafide on guest vocals with you. Then you also had the great Tony Martin as well. How were you able to secure these artists for the record?

JN: Pontus Snibb who sang with me inDown On My Kneesis a good friend of mine and also been a neighbor for many years so that was very natural. We talked for a long time to do something together and I’m very glad that we did. Ian the drummer in our band been working a lot with Europe and Jon is a good friend to him so he just asked and Jon said yes. With Tony our path crossed for about 3 years ago. Tallee Savage were having a photo shoot with him and at the same day with me. He was the nicest coolest guy so we became friends right away. We also talked about doing something together in the future and three years after were here.

MMR: It is always so refreshing to hear that such legends as Levén and Martin are such nice and humble people like that.

I know you have had at least a couple of songs released prior to the new album, do you have any other releases outside of the Violet Janine record or just a couple of songs here and there?

JN: Yes I had some released singles when I did my solo stuff under the name Janine.Burning InsideandOpen My Eyesand some more stuff.

MMR: Okay, I have heard those two and possibly one other I believe. Do you have any plans to tour in support of the record?

JN: Yes were are planning a tour right now and setting the dates for an European tour and heading for an US tour later on.

MMR: Excellent! That is fantastic, I do hope I am able to see you on one of your stops here in the US.

So who would you say are your biggest influences as an artist?

JN: All the great bands I grow up with like Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Sheryl Crow, a lot of grunge bands like Pearl Jam, So it´s a very big mix. A great influence right now is Halestorm.

MMR: I like some of what Halestorm is putting out also. Now I noticed when looking through the writing credits for the album that there are several songs that were written by multiple members of the band. What is the writing process like for you as a band?

JN: I was writing a lot of songs with Palle Hammarlund before. As we came together as a band we started to write and we still do.

MMR: A question I have been asked personally about the album is the availability. Is there a physical copy available or is it only in digital format at this time?

JN: We have physical copy of the cd and our label has some links were you can get it, I know they’re working on it right now to get it available in some more places.

MMR: That is great. I only have it in digital format at the moment but I will have to get me a physical copy, I enjoy having an actual album over digital.

I love the album, as I have said, and I have had several people write me on the site saying how much they enjoy the album or songs that they have heard from it. Has the feedback on the album been pretty positive so far in general?

JN: We are so glad for all the good reviews of the album. We had some response and couldn´t be happier.

MMR: Great! I am happy to hear there have been more positive reviews. It definitely deserves them.

Melodic rock is not the most popular genre sadly, so what made you decide to a melodic rock record as opposed to a different, more popular genre?

JN: I’m happy you ask! I never thought of this as an melodic rock record but I know we have some influence that makes people think we are melodic rock. In my opinion we are mixed with a lot of genres.

MMR: I can see, and hear, that. I think the driving force behind being recognized as a melodic rock record are the previouly mentioned names that you had involved.

The whole record is fantastic but one of my favorite songs on it is ‘Devil In Me‘. Do you have any personal favorites from the record?

JN: Cool glad to hear, that song was the first we wrote together as a band. My favorite song isHeat Of The Highway

MMR: That is a great track as well. Your voice is fantastic. It has a beautiful tone to it that works so well with your rock music. How long have you been singing professionally?

JN: Thank you! I been singing as long as I can remember.

MMR: Now I know you had previously appeared on Swedish Idol. Was the video for ‘Down On My Knees‘ inspired by that experience?

JN: The songDown On My Knees‘ is written by Palle Hammarlund, Emma Nors and Rob N Asty. But I loved the song from the first time I heard it and I was hooked.

MMR: Janine, again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, I really do appreciate it. You are a very talented artist with a beautiful voice and you and the band have put out a hell of a great debut record and I can’t wait to hear what comes next. So last question and the last words are yours. You had the album just release this year, what is next for you?

JN: Now when the album is released we just wanna get out there and play it loud.

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