Kickin Valentina – Super Atomic 2015 album review. 4.5 star rating.


Kickin Valentina

‘Super Atomic’

2015 release from Highway 9 Records.

Kickin Valentina – Alone music video.

Joe Edwards – Vocals. Heber Pampillon – Guitar. Chris Taylor – Bass. Jimmy Berdine – Drums.

Artist location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Sermon.
  2. On My Side.
  3. Wrong Way.
  4. Get Ready.
  5. Fist ‘N’ Twist.
  6. Super Atomic Poster Boy.
  7. Alone.
  8. When You’re Gone.
  9. Anita.
  10. Dirty Girl.
  11. Some Kind Of Sex.


Georgia based sleaze rockers Kickin Valentina are a relatively new band, having only formed in 2013, but they have been making big waves in the industry since then.

With one EP under their belts already they released this, their first full length album, in April of 2015. Featuring eleven tracks of down and dirty sleazy rockers that beg for radio play, ‘Super Atomic‘ is a breath of fresh air in the genre and is the kind of record that makes you want to head bang along with the hard rocking melodies, grooving bass lines, scorching guitars and driving beats of the music.

I recently had the privilege of seeing the band open for Danger Danger and was blown away. I already had the album and loved it, so I knew they kicked ass on the record, but seeing them live, where the band truly shines brightest with their high energy show, I was sold. Worth the trip and price of admission alone for that show, this band stands as the best live show I have ever seen from a newer band.

Frontman Joe Edwards has a fantastic, raw and gritty voice that fits perfectly with the bluesy sleaze rock of the record. Bassist Chris Taylor is terrific as he grooves his way through the album and the two founders of the band, Jimmy Berdine and Heber Pampillon, are both considerable talents with the thundering drums of Berdine and the blazing guitars of Pampillon, the two have given us an album, and a band, that are a credit to the genre.

The album starts out in full swing with the hard rocking ‘Sermon’ and continues through the next ten tracks with the same ferocity of the opening song with track six, ‘Alone’ (click on the link at the top of the page to see the music video), coming as close as we get to a ballad on the record. ‘Get Ready’ and ‘Wrong Way’ are prime examples of good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll at it’s best while ‘Dirty Girl’ and ‘Some Kind Of Sex’ shows the band hitting full stride with the sleaze factor.

‘On My Side’‘Fist ‘N’ Twist’‘Super Atomic Poster Boy’ and ‘Anita’ all flow perfectly with the record, continuing the hard hitting melodies and balls to the wall rock that the album provides us with. ‘When You’re Gone’ is the weakest track on album in my opinion. It is not a bad song by any means, it just failed to capture me like the others did.

The album really never lets up and what we are left with is eleven tracks of some fantastic rock ‘n’ roll with a small dose of blues and no small amount of sleaze thrown in to make it a raw and dirty rock record at it’s best.

Do yourself a favor and check this band out if you haven’t heard them yet and by all means, if you get a chance to see them live, don’t hesitate.

Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:



‘On My Side’.

Wrong Way’.

‘Get Ready’.

‘Super Atomic Poster Boy’.



  1. Oh look!!!! A 4.5 Rating!!!!

    I knew it was a winner!!!

    I bought the CD yesterday
    I hope they get to come back on the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2017
    Leaving out of Tampa February 2nd

    I really like their music!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Harold, thanks for writing and checking out my site.

      Yes, the album is definitely a winner! These guys know how to rock, they are very nice fellows and they put on a great show as well. All around fantastic band.

      I have always wanted to go on the cruise but have never been able to work it out. They always have such incredible lineups for them.



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