New music video from the upcoming debut album from Australian band Kiss The Vyper.


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Kiss The Vyper is a modern glam band that formed just a short two years ago and will be releasing their debut album on August 27th.

The band’s down to earth and super nice lead guitarist Mick Gunn was kind enough to contact me and share the new single with me and, as always, I am happy to share it on here and try to help a new band out.

Featuring eleven tracks all written by Gunn and lead vocalist Bobby Miller, here is the first single from the record, ‘Just Say Yes’.

Kiss The Vyper – Just Say Yes music video.


Also featured on the album is a guest guitar solo by Tyketto’s Chris Green and a bonus DVD with 5 music videos. Four of the songs from the album are included in an upcoming film release that was recently shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

Take a listen to the song and see what you think. Like what you hear? Click here to visit the band’s Facebook page and keep an eye out for the new album.

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