Steelhouse Lane – Metallic Blue 1998 album review. 4.5 star rating.

Steelhouse Lane

‘Metallic Blue’

1998 release from MTM Music.

Steelhouse Lane – Addicted audio video.

Keith Slack – Vocals. Mike Slamer – Guitars. Alan Hearn – Bass. Chris Lane – Guitar. DeWayne Barron – Drums. Chris Thompson – Backing Vocals. Tony Fields – Backing vocals.

Artist location: UK. USA.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Metallic Blue (House Of Lords cover).
  2. Surrender.
  3. Addicted (Wall Of Silence cover).
  4. Find Your Way Home.
  5. Dr. Love (Hardline cover).
  6. Still.
  7. Best Years Of My Life.
  8. Can’t Fight Love.
  9. Feel My Love.
  10. Fire With Fire.
  11. Can’t Stop.
  12. Brighter Day.


Mike Slamer (SlamerSeventh KeyCity Boy, Streets) is certainly someone who needs no introduction. Having worked with the likes of Terry BrockSteve Walsh, Billy GreerMichael Sweet and Warrant to name a few, Slamer’s name is a well known one in melodic rock circles to be sure.

Slamer hooked up with vocalist Keith Slack (Michael Schenker Group) after being introduced by James Christian (House Of Lords) and in 1998 they, along with the rest of the band, DeWayne Barron and Chris Lane (Rumble Tribe) and Alan Hearns, gave us the incredible Steelhouse Lane debut, ‘Metallic Blue’.

A real piece of melodic rock heaven, the album contains some new songs and a few older ones. Tracks like ‘Surrender’, ‘Addicted’ and ‘Fire With Fire’ are some of the best AOR that Slamer has penned to date.

Although best known for having come off of Hardline’s phenomenal debut album, ‘Double Eclipse’, in 1992, ‘Dr. Love’, is actually a song that Mike Slamer wrote. Having the tough job of following in the footsteps of Johnny GioeliSlack does a terrific job with the song and it comes off perfectly.

The same is true of ‘Metallic Blue’ and ‘Addicted’. The first originally appeared on House Of Lords 1992 album ‘Demon’s Down’ while ‘Addicted’ was first on Wall Of Silence’s 1992 record ‘Shock To The System’. All came from the pen of Slamer with Keith Slack doing justice to them all and sounding wonderful.

‘Find Your Way Home’ is an excellent ballad and features a great vocal performance by Slack‘Still’‘Can’t Fight Love’, ‘Feel My Love’ and ‘Can’t Stop’ are all terrific rockers while ‘Best Years Of My Life’ is another decent ballad and ‘Brighter Day’ starts out slow but moves into a great mid-tempo song.

The first of only two records the band released, ‘Metallic Blue’ is an AOR lovers dream come true. Wonderful melodies, excellent vocals and big hooks combine to make it a very solid release without any songs ever feeling like filler track.

If you enjoy this record also check out the band’s sophmore release, ‘Slaves Of The New World’, which is another excellent album.

Fans of Slamer’s work over the years and fans of 1990’s AOR bands like Diving For Pearls will love this record.

Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:


‘Metallic Blue’.



‘Find Your Way Home’.

‘Fire With Fire’.

‘Brighter Day’.

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