Hardline – Where Will We Go From Here music video.


One of the downfalls of doing this site just as a hobby is that, as we all know all too well, life has a way of getting in the way. Obligations to family and jobs often take precedent over my desire to be able to update as often, or as quickly, as I would like sometimes.

Such is the case here as I would have liked to have had this posted earlier. I realize most of you have likely heard/seen this one already but I am going to post it anyway because some may have missed it.

The first single to come off of Hardline’s forthcoming album, ‘Human Nature’, dropped today and it is a heavier track then they have done in a while.

When I spoke with frontman Johnny Gioeli a few months ago he said that the whole album was heavier then what they had previously been doing and that he had channeled a bit of his inner Axel Rudi Pell with his writing on this record.

Well that is certainly true of ‘Where Will We Go From Here’ as it does indeed have an ARP vibe to it.

Based on the two tracks I have heard from this record thus far I have to say that if the rest of the album stays as strong then this could be the strongest album Hardline has released since the classic debut, ‘Double Eclipse’.

Check out the music video for the single and see what you think.

Hardline – Where Will We Go From Here music video.


  1. I’m starting to see a disturbing trend here. Three out of your last seven post have been videos. I used to frequent another review website, that stopped doing reviews and lost its fanbase.

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    1. Chili, thanks for writing and for the concern over the website’s direction. Let me put your mind at ease. I have no intention of changing directions with my site. I started it to do music reviews, concert reviews and interviews and I do not plan to change that. I certainly will not go to posting only videos either.

      Regarding the videos I have posted recently, two of them are brand new videos from highly anticipated albums, such as this one and the Bon Jovi one. And I will occasionally be posting such videos amid my reviews.

      The third video is from a brand new band that is releasing their debut album. I will also continue to do this as I am more than happy to post a video to try to help a band get their name out there and get a footing in the genre.

      But again, no intentions of changing direction and you may still look forward to me posting reviews as often as I am able.

      Rock on my friend and thank you for following my site.


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