Change Of Heart – Last Tiger 2016 album review. 4 star rating.


Change Of Heart

‘Last Tiger’

2016 release from Escape Music.

Change Of Heart – Silent Rage audio video.

Alan Clark – Vocals, guitar. Nick Catterick – Guitars, vocals. John Sykes – Keyboards, vocals. Jeff Hopkins – Bass, vocals. Sam Ogden – Drums. Paul Hume – Guitar, backing vocals.

Artist location: England.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Rise To The Challenge.
  2. Wayward Son.
  3. Roads Of My Life.
  4. March Of Souls.
  5. Holy Days.
  6. Touch Your Soul.
  7. Hold Onto Love.
  8. Last Tiger.
  9. Only Tomorrow.
  10. Stone Cold (In Your Eyes).
  11. Silent Rage.
  12. Out In The Cold (Bonus track).


Change Of Heart is a band that has continually gotten better with each record. Their last album, ‘Truth Or Dare’, was a great record. Album number four, ‘Last Tiger’ surpasses that one and is excellent.

I have all of the band’s previous album and enjoy them all but this is easily the best in my opinion. Full of the same great melodic rock we know they can deliver, a talented band and the excellent vocals of band mastermind and sole original member Alan Clark this is one good record that melodic rock fans should quite enjoy.

Rise To The Challenge‘ gets things started and, with the exception of ‘Only Tomorrow’ (the only song I couldn’t get into on the record), doesn’t let up until the ending notes of my personal favorite from the album, ‘Silent Rage’ (click on the link near the top of the page to hear it). If you get the import edition then you get the bonus track ‘Out In The Cold’ which is another great song that is worth getting.

Fans of the bands other albums and of bands such as FM will enjoy this one.

Highly recommended.

Standout Tracks:

‘Roads Of My Life’.

‘March Of Souls’.

‘Last Tiger’.

‘Stone Cold (In Your Eyes)’.

‘Silent Rage’.

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