HitnRun – Self Titled 2016 album review. 4.5 star rating.



‘Self Titled’

2016 release.

HitnRun – Love Gone Bad audio video.

Eric Montoya – Vocals. Jareth Graelish – Guitar. Mark Sutorka – Guitar. Dan Williams – Bass. Beckett Graelish –  Drums.

Artist location: Pennsylvania, USA.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Shot Of Love.
  2. Piece Of The Action.
  3. King Of The Fools.
  4. Got The Fire.
  5. Forever.
  6. Take It To The Limit.
  7. She’s So Wild.
  8. Love Gone Bad.
  9. Wild And Crazy Days.

HitnRun started running around the Pennsylvania area club scene in 1991 making a name for themselves and developing a large fanbase as they became known for delivering energetic live shows and playing their own original songs rather than following suit of the usual cover band acts that were pervading the area at the time.

The band, made up of brothers Jareth and Beckett Graelish (guitars and drums), Eric Montoya (vocals), Mark Sutorka (guitar) and Dan Williams (bass), made such a splash at the time that they eventually got gigs as show openers for such big named acts as Tyketto and Dirty Looks.

The band wrote songs and recorded them in 1993 but then, due to circumstances, never released them. Now the guys have gone into the vault, gotten the songs out, dusted them off and polished them up a bit and 25 years after the band’s formation, their debut album has finally seen the light of day.

Speaking about the music contained on the album, founding member Jareth Graelish had this to say, ‘This album really captures our sound from the earlier 90’s. Bluesy, melodic, soulful and rocking’. And that it is. With a bluesy swagger, some melodic rock influences and a little bit of soul, the guys delivered a record that is a fine addition to any music lover’s library.

These guys came out during a hard time for rock ‘n’ roll, the fate of far too many bands as we all know. The nine tracks presented on this album are the result of a band caught between that ebbing tide of hair metal and the rising of the hellacious grunge era. A young band trying to find their place in the changing world of music, trying to make a name for themselves and give the world the music they had in them. Where many failed, this band prevailed, and though it may have taken 23 years we finally have the lifelong work from these guys available to us for the first time and it is darn good.

Tracks such as ‘Shot Of Love’‘King Of The Fools’‘Wild And Crazy Days’ and one of my favorites, the bluesy ‘Love Gone Bad’ (click on the link near the top of the page to hear it) are fine examples of the strength of the songs this album has to offer. The rougher, raspier vocals of Montoya fit fantastically with these rockers but he also manages to throw his voice into another gear and pull off a ballad, ‘Forever’, and still sound great there as well.

The guitars of Graelish and Sutorka are excellent and are a driving force behind the vocals. Williams and Beckett keep the rythym section in full swing, doing a fantastic job and rounding out this band of talented guys. It is a real shame it has taken so long to get this record out but better late then never I reckon. Hopefully it will not be another twenty years before we hear another album from them.

Fans of the 90’s post hair metal, melodic rock scene will enjoy this one as will fans of bluesy rock a bit in the vein of bands like Bad Moon Rising. Check them out and see what you think.

Standout Tracks:

‘Shot Of Love’.

‘Piece Of The Action’.

‘King Of The Fools’.

‘Got The Fire’.


‘Love Gone Bad’.

‘Wild And Crazy Days’.

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