Bulletrain – What You The Fear Most 2016 album review. 5 star rating.



‘What You Fear The Most’

2016 release from Metal Heaven/AOR Heaven.

Bulletrain – Fear music video.

Sebastian Sundberg – Vocals, piano.  Mattias Persson – Guitar, backing vocals. Robin Bengtsson – Rythym guitar, backing vocals. Niklas Mansson – Bass, backing vocals. Jonas Tillheden – Drums, percussions.

Artist location: Sweden.

5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Memory Lane.
  2. Love Lies.
  3. Can’t Get Away.
  4. Fight With Me.
  5. We Salute You.
  6. Feed The Fire.
  7. Wet, Tired & Lonely.
  8. Old Lighthouse.
  9. Fear.
  10. Far Away.


As I sit here, cold beer in hand, this record playing in the background, the sun shining through the window on this beautiful day here in North Carolina and the blank computer screen in front of me waiting for me to start typing, I am thinking about how amazing this year has been for the melodic rock genre.

With release after release we have had one excellent album after another, and we are not through the year yet. I think about how many incredible albums I have had the privilege of listening to and reviewing and I am beyond excited about what the rest of this year will turn up still as there are several big releases yet to come and who knows what other treasures.

It seems like every time I get my top picks of the year thus far chosen then another album comes along and shatters that list.

This record is one of those.

Swedish rock band Bulletrain are back with their second full length album and holy shit do they ever deliver with this one.

Taking their game to a whole new level, these sleaze rockers give us ten tracks of loud guitars, superb vocals and some catchy as hell melodies that will stay in your head long after the record is over.

Starting things out are two hard and heavy tracks that just scream of the 80’s sounding big and bombastic melodies that we all love so much. ‘Memory Lane’  and ‘Love Lies’ are both fantastic rockers and are both highlights of an album that gets absolutely nothing wrong and it is instantly clear that we are in for a ride with this record.

Without letting up we go into ‘Can’t Get Away’ and ‘Fight With Me’ which continue on with the same balls to the wall rock ‘n’ roll that started us off and lead us into the mid-tempoed ‘We Salute You’ before picking right back up with the fast paced ‘Feed The Fire’.

‘Wet, Tired & Lonely’ is another highlight and another rocker with a sing-a-long chorus. ‘Old Lighthouse’ is a kickass track that starts out very mellow and then cranks it up when the chorus hits and gives us a great song with a cool melody and some of the best vocals of the record.

My favorite track from the record, and the first single, is ‘Fear’ (click on the link near the top of the page to see the music video). This song is just bad ass. I love it. Everything about it just works. With a cool horror themed music video and one hell of a killer chorus, this is simply one awesome song and it is easy to see why the band chose it as their first single.

The very fact that the first single of the record doesn’t show up until track nine should tell you all you need to know about the album.

The final track, ‘Far Away’, is another highlight and features probably the best vocals of the album. Sundberg deftly moves through three different styles of vocals on this track and sounds absolutely amazing.

Speaking of frontman Sebastian Sundberg, the guy has one seriously awesome voice. With a fantastic vocal range he moves through lower register and higher register vocals with ease. Going from a clear and clean sound to a Nick Walsh (Slik Toxik) like shriek, he  sounds stunning through it all. Though not the original singer for the band, the guys found an absolute goldmine when they brought him aboard.

Now I always listen to an album multiple times before reviewing it. I feel it takes, at the least, two or three spins before you can have a good enough feel for a record to sit and do a well thought out review of it. That being said, I listened to (and am continuing to listen to) this album probably 20 times before sitting down to write this review and I can honestly say that I love absolutely everything about this record. From the loud, scorching guitars of Persson and Bengtsson to the drumbeats of Tillheden  that you can bang your head along with to the thundering bass lines of Mansson and of course the outstanding vocals of Sundberg, this album is utterly superb. There is simply nothing bad I can say about it. Well, if pressed for a negative the only thing I could possibly find to say would be the length of the record. Clocking in at just under a mere 41 minutes it is a very short listen. But that is nitpicking.

The first album was awesome. A great rock ‘n’ roll record with some excellent songs. But this second time around the boys knocked it clear out of the damn park. A tremendous record that I just cannot stop listening to and one of the best sleaze rock albums I have heard since Skid Row’s Slave To The Grind‘.

The music is phenomenal and the band is amazingly talented. These guys know how to play and sing and they sure as Hell know how to write. With blazing guitar solos and choruses that beg to be sung along with, this is a sure fire winner in my book.

Fans of sleaze rock take notice, this is a record for you. It does not disappoint in the least. This band is going places. If they continue on the same path as this record then they will be at the top of the sleaze rock chain before you know it.

Hell, they are there already.

Highest of recommendations.



Standout Tracks:


‘Memory Lane’.

‘Love Lies’.

‘Can’t Get Away’.

‘Wet, Tired And Lonely’.

‘Old Lighthouse’.


‘Far Away’.



  1. I couldn’t agree more with this review! An excellent album by a original(in this day and age) Rock N’ Roll artist!
    Their first album “Start Talking” was a ballsy-head-on rock adventure but their second one is more deep and heavy without loosing edge.

    Liked by 1 person

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