A brief note.


A quick note here. I have had a few people write and or comment to me asking, in so many words, do I like every thing that comes out due to all of my reviews being positive and highly rated. Since I am just about to post another glowing review I figured I would take a moment first and explain myself and why I do that to those of you who do not know.

I am, obviously, a music enthusiast. The whole purpose of my little site is to do all that I can to help shed a light on this incredible genre and the absolutely amazing artists of the genre and try to help get their name and their music out there to a broader audience. To help introduce people to the music or reintroduce them to it.

The answer to the question is no, I most certainly do not like everything that releases within the genre. In fact there are a great many that I find very mediocre, sub-par or dislike altogether. The reason I avoid posting negative reviews is the same reason I started this site. I want to help this music and these artists and posting a review and slamming an album just because I personally do not care for it and running the chance of someone reading it and avoiding an album because of my review that they may otherwise have enjoyed had they listened to it is not helping anyone in my opinion.

These bands and artist spend too much time and pour their hearts and souls into their records and I do not like to be the one to take a crap on all of that hard work by posting a negative review.

Again, that does not mean there are not records out there that I dislike, because there are plenty, I just refuse to make my opinions of them public on here and prefer to use this platform to praise and highlight what I feel is the good in this genre.

If you want to know how I feel about a record that is not posted or reviewed then feel free to write me privately and ask and I will gladly tell you in that setting but I will not use my site to slam someone else’s hard work.

That being said, do not assume that just because I do not have an album reviewed or posted yet that it means I dislike it. There are far too many albums for me to possibly review them all. I try to do all that I can as I have the time and posting a music video with a brief summary of a band or record is one way I try to get more out there.

So, I hope this answers the questions from the few folks that have written me and clears things up there.

Thank you to every one of you that follow my site and read my posts. I appreciate you all!!

Now, back to the music!



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