Reece – Noisebox 2016 EP review. 4 star rating.



‘Noisebox EP’

2016 release, digital.

Reece – Fear music video.

Rob Reece – Vocals, bass. Jon Davis – Guitar. Russ Rogers – Drums.

Artist location: Caerphilly, South Wales.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Fear.
  2. Peace & Harmony.
  3. Noisebox.
  4. I Won’t Let This Go To Waste.



Anyone that has followed my site for any amount of time should be well aware of the fact that I just want to help this music out more than anything else and am more than happy to do what I can to help promote the smaller guys of the genre. I received an email from a guy a while back with a music video attached to it of his band’s new music video asking if I would be interested in checking out his band’s music. After watching the video I wrote him back with an enthusiastic yes and he sent me a short EP that they had just put out. This happened some time back and I must send my sincerest apologies out to Rob for it taking me so long to get this up and posted.

Reece is a brand new band that have just released their first music to the world with the EP ‘Noisebox‘. Formed just shy of a year ago when two former bandmates, guitarist Jon Davis  and drummer Russ Rogers, joined forces with vocalist Rob Reece. This three man outfit are set to hit the rock world with their brand of melodic rock with a high dose of some modern rock thrown in.

I am excited about this band. I think that, given the chance, these guys could really make a name for themselves and become something. The talent is certainly there.

The four songs here are good, I won’t say they are earth shatteringly great, but they show so much potential of what these guys can deliver I can’t help but like them. The first track and the sole music video, ‘Fear’, is actually my least favorite of the EP. I am not saying it is bad because it is certinaly not and I like the song, I just feel that the other three are a bit stronger to me personally. Even so, ‘Fear’ is a nice, grooving almost bluesy, upbeat rocker with a strong bassline and it starts the EP off on the right foot.

‘Peace & Harmony’ is my second favorite of the EP. It is a mid-tempo rocker with a great melody to it. Excellent song.

The title track, ‘Noisebox’, is certainly the heaviest of the EP. It is my favorite track and, in my opinion, easily the strongest song included. It has a catchy chorus to it and is a hard rocking number. Easy to see why they chose it as the title for the EP.

The final track is a mellow, mid-tempoed track, ‘I Won’t Let This Go To Waste’. Another good melody however I feel that it can get a bit repetitive with the lyrics at times.

Frontman, bassist and band namesake Rob Reece has a good voice. Not a great deal of range but with the style of music they are writing it doesn’t even become an issue and it works perfectly with the music and the tone of their music and he sounds great.

The band sound fantastic together. The backing vocals mix well with Rob’s and the guitars and drums are great on all four songs. The production is good, especially considering this is an indie record. The guys really did a great job here and I am highly impressed.

My only real complaint is what I mentioned already, that sometimes the lyrics tend to get a bit repetitive on ‘Peace & Harmony’ and ‘I Won’t Let This Go To Waste’. A minor quibble over all.

Like I said, I think these guys have a lot of potential and given the right opportunities I believe they could really make a name for themselves. I have spoken with Rob several times and, aside from just being a nice guy in general, he loves music and is wanting to share this love with the music world. I am excited to see what this band brings us in the near future and I wish them all the best on this endeavor.

Check out the video for ‘Fear’ from the link near the top of the page and go listen to the other songs and give these guys a chance.

Available on online outlets such as iTunes.


Standout Tracks:


‘Peace & Harmony’.


‘I Won’t Let This Go To Waste’.

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