Saint Deamon – Pandemonium 2009 album review. 3.5 star rating.


Saint Deamon


2009 release from Frontiers Music srl.

Saint Deamon – Pandemonium music video.

Jan Thore Grefstad – Vocals. Toya Johansson – Guitar. Nobby Noberg – Bass. Ronny Milianowicz – Drums.

Artist location: Sweden. Norway.

3.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Deception.
  2. The Only One Sane.
  3. Pandemonium.
  4. Eye Of The Devil.
  5. A Day To Come.
  6. Way Home.
  7. Fallen Angel.
  8. The Deamon Within.
  9. Oceans Of Glory.
  10. Fear In A Fragile Mind.


Here is another special request review from a reader. Again, I already owned this album and don’t dislike it as it does have some good stuff on it, so I agreed to review it.

The second, and final, album from the Swedish/Norwegian melodic power metal band Saint Deamon is another album that is one that I would not typically reach for, but having heard the first record, which had a few pretty great songs on it, and really liking frontman Jan Thore Grefstad’s voice, I picked this one up on it’s release.

Unfortunately what could have been a pretty great metal album is marred by a handful of less than memorable tracks that are filtered through a few outstanding ones.

The real draw here, as with the first record, is the vocals. Grefstad’s voice really is a thing of beauty. He sounds fantastic and has such a great tone and an incredible range that he utilizes often throughout both of the band’s records.

The music is mixed, as I said. There are some really great songs included here, sadly they are mixed in with some that are not great, in my mind at least. Again, before I start reviewing the music, this is not my genre. There are some bands that I like in it and some really wonderful songs here and there and undeniably some phenomenal singers and musicians, but it is not a style I listen to much of or know a great deal about, so keep that in mind.

The album starts off with ‘Deception’. A hard rocking track with an excellent vocal delivery from Grefstad. The song is not bad and I actually like it, but it certainly is not a great track. However it is decent enough and starts the album out on good footing.

The second track, ‘The Only One Sane’, is, again, not really a bad song but it is not an overly good one either and is rather forgettable in my opinion.

Track three bring us to the title track (click on the link near the top of the page to see the music video), which is the sole track I had heard from this record before purchasing back in 2009, and the first really great track of the album. A slower verse that leads to a splendid chorus and more terrific vocals.

‘Eye Of The Devil’ is another forgettable song. Hard rocking with great guitar work but no real hook to it and a bit too progressive sounding for me.

‘A Day To Come’ is another just okay track that is somewhat marred by the odd structure of the chorus. But it leads us into another great one with ‘Way Home’. Again we have slower verses but when the chorus hits it is fantastic.

‘Fallen Angel’ is another track that lands more on the progressive side of things but it is not too bad of a song really. Pretty decent chorus.

‘The Deamon Within’ is a hard and fast rocker. Nothing memorable at all about it honestly.

‘Oceans Of Glory’ is not a bad song. Out of the several mediocre tracks of the record this one stands out a bit more.

‘Fear In A Fragile Mind’ ends the record and we finish things off with another hard rocking number that is another pretty good track.

The thing that gets me here is that these guys obviously have a ton of talent and are able to put out some great melodic metal, but unfortunately instead of any really great records they are only mediocre albums as a whole with some great moments on them when one listen tells you they were capable of delivering so much more.

Still, the band is fantastic and they sound incredible on every note of the album. Vocally this album is a knockout. This guy can flat out sing, no two ways about it and it is almost worth buying the album just to hear his voice. Honestly, as far as the band’s playing and the vocals are concerned, this is a five star record all the way, sadly it is the songs themselves thay bring it down to a much lower rating.

Production is top notch as usual from a Frontiers release and sonically this is a big, bombastic sounding record.

I am hardly an authority on this style and fans of this particular niche of the genre will surely enjoy this far more then I did.

That being said this is a far cry from being anything but a bad album and were I more into power metal then I too would likely enjoy this far more because the band are extremely talented and, as mentioned, sound simply excellent.

All I can say is that if you like power metal then check them out because I am certain you will like this album and their first record, ‘In Shadows Lost From The Brave‘ which contain two of my favorites songs they have done. The stellar ‘My Heart’ (what an amazing vocal on the chorus) and ‘Run For Your Life’ (what a great chorus).

Recommended for fans of power metal with a lean towards progressive and fans of stellar vocals.



Standout Tracks:



‘Way Home’.

‘Fallen Angel’.

‘Oceans Of Glory’.

‘Fear In A Fragile Mind’.

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