Magic Dance -Vanishings 2016 album review. 4 star rating.


Magic Dance


2016 release.

Magic Dance – ‘I Wanna Know’ audio video.

Interview with Jon Siejka.

Jon Siejka – Vocals, all instruments except where noted. Tim Mackey – Guitar on tracks 1,2,6,7. Kevin Krug – Bass.

Artist location: New York, New York, USA.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Another Lost Boy.
  2. When We Were Young.
  3. The Mirror.
  4. I Need A Name.
  5. Love Was Not Enough.
  6. I Wanna Know.
  7. Fighting The Fire.
  8. Better Than No Hand.
  9. Still Haunting Me.
  10. So Far Away From Home.
  11. Lost (Instrumental bonus track).


Earlier this year I was combing through Youtube and ran across a video labeled as AOR of a band that I had never heard of. Now while I am most certainly not trying to claim that I know every single band out there in this genre, that would be a ludicrous thing for anyone to claim, it is increasingly tough to find a band that I at least have never heard of before period. At least any that are worth listening to that is.

Well one thing the internet is great for with music these days is exactly this, more music is available at our fingertips then any other time in the history of the world. Smaller bands, indie artists and folks trying to get a start in their music careers are able to get music out there to a much broader audience then they could by just trying to promote it themselves on their websites, social media pages or at shows.

Well this is how I found out about Magic Dance. I clicked on that tab to hear a song called ‘I Wanna Know‘ by this unknown band and, quite honestly, was fully expecting to quickly stop the track as the inevitable crap hit my ears.

Much to my surprise and delight that did not happen. I listened to the entire song, and loved it. I quickly set out to look for more music from these guys (I later found out it is in fact only one guy) and enjoyed a few tracks I heard. I found the website for the band and found that, to my surprise, there were three EPs and one full length album available.

I listened to the latest EP which was titled ‘Haunting Me‘ and really enjoyed it. I contacted the man behind this music, Jon Siejka, and set up an interview (see the link near the top of the page to read that interview).

I learned that he was an incredibly talented young man as he does everything himself on his records. I also learned, surprisingly, that he was new to the AOR genre, something you can hear if you go back and listen to his earlier music pre-‘Haunting Me‘. He mentioned that he had a new, full length album releasing later this year and that he would be returning to the 80’s synth, pop rock sound he had on his last EP.

Well the album has finally arrived and I can say that fans of his last EP and of 1980’s synth/pop rock with some very heavy shadings of AOR will likely love this one.

Jon has a terrific voice and it fits well with this styling of music. For some reason Chesney Hawkes always comes to mind when I hear Jon’s voice.

We have ten tracks here and one bonus instrumental track and honestly there is hardly a bad one to be found on the record anywhere. Some of them are much stronger then others of course but as a whole, the entire album is really great, save one track, ‘So Far Away From Home‘, that I am not crazy about personally as it is a bit too synth oriented for my taste. Otherwise very radio friendly melodies are present on pretty much every single track and Siejka has done an excellent job here on his very first full-length AOR album.

Two tracks here are repeats from the last EP but they were the strongest ones of the EP and I don’t mind the repeat one bit.

Since first discovering this artist and hearing the ‘Haunting Me‘ EP, I have gone back and listened to everything he has put out and I have to say that this is easily the strongest material he has released yet. Just an all around great listen when yoi are in the mood for some upbeat, pop rock infused AOR.

I would be hard pressed to find much of anything bad to say here and in fact the only thing I can say negative is that the songs tend to sound fairly similar. That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, look at AC/DCWASP and Axel Rudi Pell, but it is just something I noticed as I listened through the album a few times.

The bottom line is Siejka is an extremely talented young artist that I think has found his niche with this new direction he is taking his music this year. Great, clear vocals, catchy melodies and hooks and it is just some great, throwback music that is heavily steeped in the 80’s sound.

Fans of such music check this one out. It isn’t hard and heavy music and it is not going to appeal to everyone here of course, but it is upbeat, catchy music and if you still enjoy those pop/AOR stylings of that greatest decade of music then check him out, support him and follow his site and welcome him into the fold of melodic rock.

All of his albums are available from his bandcamp page (see link below) at very reasonable prices. Also he has each album available for listening on there.

Highly recommended for such fans.


Click here to visit the Magic Dance website.

Click here to visit the Magic Dance  Facebook page.



Standout Tracks:


‘Another Lost Boy’.

‘When We Were Young’.

‘I Need A Name’.

‘Love Was Not Enough’.

‘I Wanna Know’.

‘Fighting The Fire’.

‘Still Haunting Me’.


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