Thank you, and Happy New Year!!!


Thank you!!


A very big thank you to everyone who has made my little site a success this year!

I know that there are bigger and better sites out there with far better writers than I that you could frequent, so to every one of you that follows mine, I owe you all a debt of gratitude and I thank you all, each and everyone, for your continued support of what I am trying to accomplish here.

With your help and support I will strive to continue to bring album reviews and interviews to you as much as I am able. To do everything that I can to help out this genre and these incredible artists to reach every person possible with this phenomenal music.

2016 is close to being over now, or over depending on where you are located, and 2017 is stacking up to be another insanely great year for melodic rock! Just wait until you see some of the albums lined up for release!

I wish you all the happiest and safest of New Years and I will see you all in 2017!!!


Happy New Year!!!!!!



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