Jaded Past – Believe 2016 album review. 4 star rating.


Jaded Past


2016 release from Melodic Rock Records.

Jaded Past – ‘Good Bad Innocent’ music video.

George Becker – Vocals, guitars. Steve Brown – Guitar, backing vocals. Dennis Zimmer – Drums. Ed Masterson – Harmonica.

Artist location: New Jersey, USA.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Tattered.
  2. Don’t Judge.
  3. Believe.
  4. Good, Bad, Innocent.
  5. Whiskey Dreams.
  6. Be My Lady.
  7. Dashboard Jesus.
  8. Hurt.
  9. Scratch The Itch.
  10. Traces.
  11. Taken.



I am working to get reviews of last years releases caught up on here before this year gets into full swing with new albums coming out and really floods me with ones I need to get posted.

So here is another of the releases from 2016 that I am very late on getting on here.

New Jersey based Jaded Past is a band that, prior to this album that released last year via Melodic Rock Records, I had never heard of personally, but this is actually their second album (their first was released independently) and it is a fantastic record full of, almost Country tinged at times, melodic rock.

Starting things off is ‘Tattered‘, a terrific, jamming rocker that get’s things jumping for us right away and heads into ‘Don’t Judge‘ which continues on with the same pace as the opener and delivers another fine rocker that leads us into ‘Believe‘. This third track is a bit slower and more mellow then the first two but still remains a great track.

Track four brings us to my absolute favorite song of the album, ‘Good, Bad, Innocent‘ (see the link near the top of the page to watch the music video). This is a hell of a great track with an infectious chorus to it that is the shinning moment of the album in my opinion.

Whiskey Dreams‘ is a fun rocker that leads into a kind of mid-tempo ballad called ‘Be My Lady‘, a great song and probably the best vocal delivery from Becker on the record.

Dashboard Jesus‘ brings us back to an upbeat track that leads into ‘Hurt‘, which sounds like a title that would be a heartbreak ballad or something close to that, but this is actually a jamming tune that has a beat that is hard not to bob your head to.

Coming in at track nine is ‘Scratch The Itch‘, another excellent upbeat number that is one of my favorites.

Traces‘ is another mellow ballad and this is my least favorite song of the album. It isn’t bad, but I don’t feel the same strength from it that comes in on the other tracks personally.

Taken‘ is another excellent rocker and another of my favorites of the album. It ends the album on a high note and with the same energy that we started it with.

Lots of guitars, lots of driving beats and some great melodies mixed with the almost Southern rock style vocals of George Becker and some excellent production makes this a record that you need to check out if you have not done so yet.

There is not much about the album that I dislike and the band, which includes some work from Trixter’s Steve Brown, has done an excellent job here. Let’s hope it is not too long before we get to hear a new album from these guys!



Standout Tracks:



‘Don’t Judge’.

‘Good, Bad, Innocent’.

‘Be My Lady’.

‘Scratch That Itch’. ‘


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