Jimi Anderson Group – Longtime Comin’ 2017 album review. 4.5 star rating.


Jimi Anderson Group

‘Longtime Comin”

2017 release from Pride & Joy Music.

Jimi Anderson Group – 6 song sampler audio video.

Jimi Anderson – Vocals. Greame Duffin – Guitar. Sandy Jones – Guitar, bass, drums.

Artist location: York, England.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Same Old Song.
  2. Let’s Get Serious.
  3. Spread It All Around.
  4. Feel Like Letting Go.
  5. Better This Way.
  6. Welcome To The Revolution.
  7. Higher Than Higher.
  8. Longtime Comin’.
  9. Where Do We Go From Here.
  10. Necessary People.
  11. Best For Me.
  12. Oh Why.



Jimi Anderson is a name that was unfamiliar to me prior to receiving an advance copy of his new album, ‘Longtime Comin”, from Pride & Joy Music, but one that I am so very happy to have heard of after listening to this superb record because he is just a fantastic singer and the album is really an excellent throwback to the great AOR bands.

In reading the press release that was included I found out that he has been a part of a couple of tribute bands, one of which was called A Foreigner’s Journey and another called  Legends of AOR. After listening to the album it is easy to see why he would do such projects, especially Foreigner as I can really hear him sounding amazing on the band’s songs as he has kind of a Lou Gramm like vibe going on at times.

But, after listening to the record, it was very readily apparent to me that this guy shouldn’t only be behind the mic in a tribute band singing covers of other bands. No, with a voice like Jimi has been blessed with he needs to be out there doing his own material, and this record is a fine start for him as it delivers eleven tracks of pure AOR goodness!

Yes, I realize there are twelve tracks on the album, I say eleven because eleven out of the twelve are simply fantastic melodic rock gems, but there is one that just didn’t resonate with me personally. That is the kind of Foreigner-esque final track, ‘Oh Why‘. This ballad I just cannot get into one bit, even after multiple listens, it just isn’t for me.

The other eleven tracks however are splendid, catchy songs and really just some excellent AOR that should make any fan of the genre very happy. From the grooving melody of ‘Same Old Song‘, the swagger of ‘Let’s Get Serious‘, the hard rocking ‘Welcome To The Revolution‘ and ‘Higher Than Higher‘ (which prove the considerable chops of guitarist Greame Duffin), to the somewhat bluesy vibe of the title track and the beautiful ballad ‘Where Do We Go From Here‘, this record is a near perfect one that I couldn’t be more thrilled about and, aside from that one song there at the end, there is not a bad track to be found here.

Jimi covers the vocals, and what a fantastic voice it is. Strong, clear, soulful and just an all around wonderful voice that fits the styling of the classic 70’s and 80’s melodic rock sound that this record has going on. The band is rounded out with Duffin on guitars and the very gifted Sandy Jones who provides the bass, additional guitars and drums for the record, and all three of these artists sound fantastic throughout the entire record.

While I don’t know all of the ins-and-outs of why we are just getting a record from this talented singer I do know that it has been many years in the making and it is about time that we were gifted with this man’s voice and music. This is a very welcome addition to my library and I look forward to many more albums from these guys.

If you are looking for heavy, head banging style songs then this isn’t going to be for you (though there are many rockers present and the album has more than its share of excellent guitar solos), but if you enjoy the AOR side of things then this will be right up your alley and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up.

It may not be perfect, thanks to the one little hiccup there at the end, but it is so very close and I would highly recommend this album to you all in a heartbeat. Fans of AOR are sure to love this one so be on the look out for it as it is set to release on February 24th, 2017.

Check out the link near the top of the page to hear a sampler of six tracks from this album. If that doesn’t pique your interest then pass on this record. But if you like what you hear there then you are going to love this album just as I do.

Highly Recommended.



Standout Tracks:


‘Same Old Song’.

‘Let’s Get Serious’.

‘Feel Like Letting Go’.

‘Better This Way’.

‘Welcome To The Revolution’.

‘Higher Than Higher’.

‘Longtime Comin”.

‘Where Do We Go From Here’.

‘Best For Me’.


  1. Wow, what an amazing singer! I hope there will be a new cd after this one. Great vocals! Thanks for posting, ordered mine right away after reading this and hearing the snippets on the video. Sounds great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Phil, I appreciate it.

      Yes, Jimi has a fantastic voice and the songs are just excellent! If you liked what was on the video then you will not be disappointed at all!

      I am right there with you in hoping there will be another record to follow this one up.



    1. Mateo, thanks for checking out my site, I appreciated it.

      Yes, I completely agree, Jimi and his music should be heard! As you said, incredible! Super nice guy too. Hopefully he will make it over to Venezuela and over here to the US as well.



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